APRU Virtual Student Exchange (Season 2, 2021-22)

Updated: 2021/11/11

慶應義塾大学が加盟しているAPRU(The Association of Pacific Rim Universities:環太平洋大学協会)が運営するオンライン型学生交換プログラム「Virtual Student Exchange (VSE) program」において、春のプログラムが開講されることになりました。APRU加盟大学の学生はプログラム受入大学で提供される授業を原則1科目(2科目の履修も可)オンラインで履修が可能です。授業履修に際しては、通常の授業と同等の学修量が求められます。




The Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU), of which Keio University is a member, runs an online exchange program called the “Virtual Student Exchange (VSE) Program,” and the applications are/will be open for its spring program. Students of APRU member universities will be able to take, in principle, one (or two) online course(s) offered by host universities participating in this program. The expected workload is the same as those of regular courses.

This program will be held during the academic term at Keio University. It is the responsibility of each student to ensure that there will be no interference with his/her classes and research at Keio University when participating in this program. No support, such as special measures, will be offered by the International Center regarding any absences from Keio classes during the VSE participation period. (There will be no officially authorized absences.)

The APRU is an alliance of universities comprised of 55 higher education institutions from 18 countries within the Pacific Rim. It was established in 1997 with the aim of promoting the construction of cooperative systems in education, research, and corporate management in the Pacific Rim, as well as contributing to economic, scientific, and cultural development across the region. Only those universities meeting a variety of conditions including “excellent academic achievements,” “promotion of research,” “outlook for global activities,” and “next-level innovation” are permitted to join the association. Keio University has been a member of APRU since 2002.

プログラム概要/ Program overview

APRU Virtual Student Exchange Program - A Truly International Education Experience

Are you looking for an international exchange opportunity but unable to find it because of current health and safety concerns, restrictions on international travel, budget constraints, or other commitments?

The Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU) Virtual Student Exchange (VSE) Program will soon commence its Season 2 for regular-term courses with starting dates between January and June 2022, providing opportunities for you to participate in an exchange without the need to travel.

You can:

  • Choose from a vast catalog of online academic courses, mostly credit-bearing, offered by APRU member universities;
  • Complement your studies with a wide variety of co-curricular programs designed to connect you with peers and experts worldwide; and
  • Embark on an international exchange experience in the comfort of your home.

Visit the Program Website to check out academic courses and co-curricular programs (cultural activities, leadership training, and career preparation) on offer and learn more about the application process. Applications for Season 2 academic courses open in October 2021. Course starting dates will be between January and June 2022.

Home (https://vse.apru.org)

Application (https://vse.apru.org/s22122application/)

Courses (https://vse.apru.org/s22122/#courselist)

About APRU (https://vse.apru.org/about-apru/)

実施期間 /Academic Term2022年春 /Spring 2022

使用言語 /Language of Instruction英語、他/English、etc.

費用 /Cost無料(ただしプログラム受入大学の科目毎に設定されている場合あり) /Free of charge (However, course fees may apply depending on the course/host university.)

VSEプログラムHP/ VSE Program homepage

こちら/ Here

※上記のAPRU VSEプログラムの他にAPRU Co-Curricular Programsにも個人応募のプログラムとして参加が可能です。 / *Keio students are also eligible to apply for the APRU Co-Curricular Programs, in addition to the APRU VSE Program. Students are to apply directly to these Co-Curricular Programs. 

募集人数/ Number of places

若干名(学内選考はありませんが、本学へのオンライン登録等も必要になります。最終受入可否は受入大学によって決定されます。)/Limited places available (Although there is no internal selection, a Keio online registration is also required. The final decision regarding acceptance will be made by the host universities.)

参加資格/ Eligibility

  • 正規生として本学に在籍する学部生(*ただし、通信教育部生をのぞく)/ Full-time, undergraduate degree students enrolled at Keio University (*excluding correspondence course students)
  • 本学の授業履修や研究等と重複をしないこと / Participation in the VSE program must not conflict with classes and research at Keio University.

募集日程/ Application Period

募集日程は各受け入れ先大学によって異なります。詳細はVSEプログラムHPをご確認ください。/ The application period differs depeding on the host university. For details, please check the VSE program webpage.

応募方法/ How to apply 




(2)本学のオンライン登録 ※まず、keio.jpアカウントでGoogleにログインの上、ご登録ください。

こちらから本学のオンライン登録を各受入大学の出願締切の5日前までに】行ってください。オンライン登録および応募書類を確認後、本学 APRU VSE 担当が出願の承認をAPRU VSE本部を通して行います。なお、応募後に登録内容に変更が生じた際は、変更の連絡を次のメールアドレスまでお知らせください。【E-Mail】ic-apru@adst.keio.ac.jp

※ 12月末~1月初旬が出願締切の受入大学*については、12月21日までに(2)本学におけるオンライン登録 を完了して下さい。(*POSTECH、Tsinghua University、Zhejiang University を含む。)


 ・最新の学業成績表または成績証明書(和文でも英文でも可。ただし、APRU VSE HP上で出願時に必要な成績証明書は英文でご準備ください。)


Please be sure to complete both registrations, 1 AND 2, below. 

  1. Online application on the APRU VSE program webpage
    Check the program/course details on the VSE program webpage (hereand complete the online application [by the application deadline of each host university]. 
  2. Keio online registration *Please log into Google using your keio.jp account and register.
    Please complete the Keio online registration from here [by at least 5 days prior to the application deadline of each host university]. After reviewing the online registration and the application documents, APRU VSE coordinators at Keio University will endorse your application through the APRU VSE Central Office. If there are any changes to your registration details after applying, please notify us at the following e-mail address:  [E-mail] ic-apru@adst.keio.ac.jp  

※ If the host university's application deadline is at the end of December or in early January*, please complete 2 Keio online registration by December 21. (*This includes POSTECH, Tsinghua University, and Zhejiang University.)

You will need to upload the following document to complete the Keio online registration.

  • Latest Grade Report or Transcript of Academic Record

注意点/ NOTES

・VSEプログラムHP上でのオンライン出願時および本学へのオンライン登録時には、英語の語学能力証明は不要ですが、受入大学より別途提出を求められる場合があります。その場合は、指示に従いご提出ください。/ Although it is not required to submit a certificate of English language proficiency to complete the online application on the VSE program webpage and the Keio online registration, you may be asked to do so by the host universities. In such cases, please follow their instructions.

本プログラムで得た単位は、慶應での単位互換は不可となります。/ Keio students will NOT be able to transfer any credits earned through this program.

問い合わせ先/ Inquiries

学生部国際交流支援グループ(三田キャンパス)APRU VSE 担当 / APRU VSE coordinators, International Exchange Services Group, Office of Student Services (Mita Campus)

Tel: 03-5427-1613 E-mail: ic-apru@adst.keio.ac.jp