ウィリアム・アンド・メアリー大学夏季講座- Keio University, College of William & Mary Cross-Cultural Collaboration

Updated: 2021/8/11

2021年度の 国際センター主催短期海外研修プログラム(夏季)は、新型コロナウイルスの影響により、現地での開催が中止となりましたが、米国のウィリアム・アンド・メアリー(W&M)大学においては、塾生およびW&Mの学生を対象に、 "Keio University, College of William & Mary Cross-Cultural Collaboration”と題して、2日間のオンラインによるプログラムを開催することとなりました。

同プログラムは、The connection between Hawaii and the Asia Pacific および、Black Americans in new media and popular cultureをテーマとした講義への参加、グループワーク、さらにはQ&Aセッション等を通し、W&Mの学生らと主体的に意見を交換し、日米両文化について学びを深めることができるプログラムとなっています。



Due to the COVID-19,  Short-term Study Abroad Programs provided by International Center summer 2021 has been canceled its program on-site. As an alternative, The College of William & Mary (W&M) in the United States provides online program with a title of "Keio University, College of William & Mary Cross-Cultural Collaboration".

It is a program centered on experiential learning which allows both Japanese and American students to study questions of cultural difference and national identity. The program also include a virtual tour of the William & Mary campus in Williamsburg, Virginia. 
The lectures will focus on the connection between Hawaii and the Asia Pacific and Black Americans in new media and popular culture. There is also a networking session which provides Keio and William & Mary students an opportunity to network and discuss Japanese and American cultures more intimately. We look forward to receiving your registration.

Please note that the program does NOT offer any academic credits at Keio University


●日程/Program Dates:2021年8月11日(水)~ 8月12日(木)いずれも午前8時~午前10時 ※どちらか1日のみの参加も可能です。
August 11 (Wed), 2021 - August 12 (Thu) /Between 8AM-10AM on each day. You may participate even only one of those dates.  
The program dates have changed to August 12 (Thu), 2021-August 13 (Fri) Between 8AM-10AM on each day.

●実施形態/Program Format:オンライン/Online

●ウィリアム・アンド・メアリー大学(米国、ヴァージニア州)/The College of William & Mary(U.S, Virginia)
The College of William & Mary is a public research university in Williamsburg, Virginia.
The university has been founded in 1693 and it is the second-oldest institution of higher education in the United States, after Harvard University.The university alsoy educated 3 American presidents including Thomas Jefferson.
●募集人数/ The number of students who can participate
60名程度/ Around 60 students
●参加費用/ The program fees
無料/ Free
●参加認定証/Certificate of Participation:希望者に発行予定/ It will be provided upon request.


8月11日(水)~ 8月12日(木)8月12日(木)〜8月13日(金)の2日間のプログラムとなりますが、いずれか1日のみの参加も可能です。/The program is hosted during August 11 (Wed) - August 12 (Thu) August 12 (Thu)- August 13 (Fri) however, you may only participate only one of those dates.

・参加希望日において、プログラムの途中参加や途中退席等は認められません。/・For the program date(s) that you signed up for, you are required to fully participate throughout the date(s). (You may not join the program part way through or leave early)

・お申し込み頂きました後、参加を頂くことになりました方へは別途、オンライン参加の為のURLを個別に連絡予定です。/Meeting links will be provided via e-mail to all accepted students at a later date.


・慶應義塾大学の学部または大学院に在籍中であること(但し、通信教育部をのぞく)大学院生の参加も可能ですが、学部生が優先されます。/Full-time, regular undergraduate or graduate students enrolled at Keio University. Graduate students can also register for the program however, registration from underdraduate students will be priotized.)

You need to be able to understand and discuss the topic(s) in English (Submitting the proof of language proficiency is not necessary.)

申し込み方法/ How to sign up


Please register through the online registration form below by【Monday, July 26 10:00AM】

※参加理由の記述((日本語の場合)250文字以上、450文字以内)が求められます。途中保存は出来ませんので、事前にご準備ください。/ You will be requested to fill out "Reasons for applying" on the online registration form( If you are writing in English, minimum: 120 words maximum:220 words ), as you cannot save the form in the middle, please be prepared before start the form.

募集を締め切りました/We closed the online registration.


Registrations are on a first-come, first-served basis. We look forward to receiving your registration.

参加許可通知/Notification of Acceptance

A Notification of Acceptance will be sent to all accpeted students via e-mail.

問い合わせ先/ Inquiries

学生部国際交流支援グループ(三田キャンパス) 短期海外研修プログラム担当
TEL : 03-5427-1612 / E-MAIL : ic-zaigai@adst.keio.ac.jp

Office of Student Services, International Exchange Services Group (Mita Campus), Short-term Study Abroad Program
Tel. 03-5427-1612 E-mail: ic-zaigai@adst.keio.ac.jp