Zhejiang University / 浙江大学




Number of students 3 (including number of student spots slided from AY2020 : 0)*Updated December 10, 2020

Students enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program.

Students of Chinese nationality are not eligible to apply.

Period of study September - July
Location 866 Yuhangtang Road, Hangzhou 310058, Zhejiang, P.R. China
University profile Zhejiang University is one of China's oldest and most prestigious institutions of higher education. Focusing on both undergraduate and graduate education, Zhejiang University is a key comprehensive university whose fields of study cover eleven branches of learning, namely philosophy, literature, history, education, science, economics, law, management, engineering, agriculture, and medicine. The university has 123 specialties for undergraduate studies, and it is entitled to confer masters degrees in 347 programs and doctoral degrees in 264 programs.
Undergraduate programs open to exchange students All
Undergraduate programs NOT open to exchange students N/A
Graduate programs open to exchange students All
Graduate programs NOT open to exchange students N/A
Minimum GPA (UG) None, but student must show strong academic commitment and performance
Minimum GPA (G) Same as above.
Minimum language proficiency  (UG) Students who wish to take classes in  
① in the fields of liberal arts and law: HSK Level 4 (score above 210)
② in the field other than above: HSK Level 4 (score above 190)

Students who wish to take classes in English: TOEFL iBT 70 or IELTS 5.5                                                          
Minimum language proficiency (G) Same as above.
Academic calendar AUTUMN & WINTER SEMESTERS:
  Classes begin: Early September
  Classes end: Late January
  Exams end: Late January

  Classes begin: Late February / Early March
  Classes end: Late June
  Exams end: Early July
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Scholarship information  
Dormitory information Accommodation for exchange students will be automatically reserved.
Exchange students will be arranged to stay on or near the university campus where
their specialty College/Department is located.