National Taiwan University / 国立台湾大学



Number of students To be confirmed
・Students enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program
・Students who hold Taiwan passport are not eligible to apply
Period of study September - June
Location No. 1, Section 4, Roosevelt Road, Taipei 10617, Taiwan
University profile Founded in 1928, National Taiwan University (NTU) is the oldest and largest university in Taiwan, and has been ranked 1st among the Greater China Region's top universities (SJTU 2010 Ranking). It consists of 11 colleges, 54 departments, 103 graduate schools, 88 PhD programs, 30 research centers, a faculty of over 3,000, experimental forests, three university hospitals, and 33,000 students. Located in a great location, the main campus of NTU is park-alike; alive with nature, it is in the subtropical Taipei metropolis, conveniently served by the sleek subway system and easily accessed by public transportation. Taiwan is a hub of Chinese culture, preserving the best and most colorful of Chinese culture and traditions in Asia's most robust democracy with rich and stunning collections of cultural artifacts in a number of world-class museums.
Undergraduate programs open to exchange students All except below.
Undergraduate programs NOT open to exchange students

- The College of Medicine does not accept senior and graduate exchange students for they are not allowed to enroll in practice courses.
- The Department of Anthropology requires students having Chinese language proficiency because there are no courses taught in English.
- The Department of Economics is under the College of Social Sciences at NTU. Courses related to economics can also be found in other departments (e.g. College of Management).
- GMBA required courses/ core courses are only open to GMBA degree students, whereas most GMBA elective courses are open to exchange students with the authorization codes given by course instructors.

- All EMBA and EiMBA courses are not open to exchange or visiting students.
- In regards to student status restrictions, please refer to the column "Limits on Course adding/ dropping" for each specific course at NTU Online Course Information.

Graduate programs open to exchange students Same as underguraduate programs.
Graduate programs NOT open to exchange students Same as underguraduate programs.
Minimum GPA (UG) N/A3.0 *Updated October 15, 2021
Minimum GPA (G) N/A 3.0 *Updated October 15, 2021
Minimum language proficiency (UG) Students who wish to take classes in Chinese: B1
Students who wish to take classes in English: TOEFL iBT 70 or IELTS 5.5
Minimum language proficiency (G) Same as above.
Academic calendar FALL SEMESTER:
  Classes begin: Mid-September
  Classes end: Mid-January
  Classes begin: Mid February
  Classes end: Late June
Important university website for exchange students
Scholarship information N/A
Dormitory information