Contemporary Southeast Asian Issues Program 説明会 by Learning Across Borders

This program allows students to interact closely with Southeast Asia: its people, cultures and current issues. By focusing on the three nations of Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore--each with a distinct culture, religious heritage, and economic status--it is possible to appreciate the diversity of this dynamic region.
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日時: 2012年11月15日(木) 18:15〜19:30
場所: 慶應義塾大学 日吉キャンパス 第4校舎独立館地下1階
日吉コミュニケーション・ラウンジ 学生活動支援スペース
主催: Dwight Clark, Program Leader from Learning Across Borders
問合せ先: Dwight Clark at learningacrossborders@gmail.com

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