Contemporary Southeast Asian Issues Program

The Myanmar Program and Civil  Society in Thailand Program 説明会
by Learning Across Borders

MYANMAR PROGRAM:This program introduces a country which, while least-developedeconomically, is rich in culture, and is now undergoing a swift transitionto a more democratic nation. Japan's role in business investment and ODA isbecoming increasingly important. Through many meetings with local students,staff of NPOs, diplomats at the Japanese Embassy and others, the programstudies important political, economic, social and cultural issues. Thegroup explores Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan. The participants, mostlyJapanese, will also include students from National Taiwan University andChulalongkorn University (Thailand). August 22-September 4, 2013.For details, see http://learning-across-borders.org/burmaCIVIL SOCIETY IN THAILAND PROGRAM:*(Note: This program will not be held in 2013 but is expected to beoffered in November 2014.)* 

注:このプログラムは2013年度には実施されません。2014年度に実施予定です。This program explores how Thailand’s civil society solves importantsocial problems. The group meets with staffs of a wide range oforganizations: Ashoka (which first promoted the concept of socialentrepreneur), an organization working in a Bangkok slum, groupsproviding education to the large number of Burmese (Myanmar) migrantsand refugees, and those promoting environmentally-sound farming methods.The program takes place in Bangkok and Chiang Mai (northern Thailand)and includes an equal number of Burmese (Myanmar) and Japanese students;it is held during the week of the Mita Festival.For details, see http://learning-across-borders.org/thailand



日時: 2013年5月9日(木) 18:15〜19:30
場所: 慶應義塾大学 日吉キャンパス 第4校舎独立館地下1階
日吉コミュニケーション・ラウンジ 学生活動支援スペース
主催: Dwight Clark, Program Leader from Learning Across Boarders
問合せ先: Dwight Clark at dwight@learning-across-borders.org

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