Nihongo Club@Mita

Let’s develop your Japanese Conversation Skills!!!

Welcome to Japan!We, Nihongo Club @Mita, has been offering free Japanese conversation sessions, for over 20 years for students from abroad and visiting scholars on Mita Campus.Topics varies from usual get-to-know-each-other questions such as “What do you do?” to Code of Speech, Japanese cultures and customs etc.,etc.
Please relax and join the sessions with anything you may like to ask or simply talk about, and expand your knowledge on what you have just learned in school.
We also arrange lots of field trips as you can see from pictures here. :Visit to a traditional Japanese house in, believe or not, Roppongi, Noh seminar, Visit to Kamakura, Visit to Tsukiji Market followed by gorgeous seafood lunch.
This year, we have already planned lots of visits, seminars etc.
First one is in Oct.: visit to Asakusa, an old but very exciting town where you can still find atmosphere of the past decades of Tokyo.
And What’s in Nov.? …..Pl. visit us on Tuesday at Seikyo Shokudou.!
We are HAPPY to be your conversation partners and make your stay in Japan fruitful!   

Free conversation sessions

Time : Every Tuesday 14:45-16:15
Place: Mita Campus South School Building 1F Global Lounge
Fee  : Free
Contact: Nihongo Club@Mita

海外からの学生・研究者の方々に 日本語会話のレッスンを無料で毎週行っています。日本の文化や生活など内容はいろいろなものです。習った日本語をぜひ、使ってみませんか?また、日本の文化や生活を実際に体験する行事もあります。

日   時: 毎週火曜日4限 (14:45-16:15)
場   所: 三田キャンパス 南校舎1階グローバルラウンジ 
参加費: 無料
連絡先: 日本語クラブ@三田