Keio International Program(KIP)

The Keio International Program (KIP) allows students to study about Japan and East/Southeast Asia in English and take Japanese language courses as well.
This comprehensive program is intended to be open to undergraduate and master's graduate students.
As Keio local students can also take the International Center courses, exchange students will have opportunities to study alongside Keio students.

Note: Students who choose this program are not allowed to change programs.

Program Requirements

  • A student must register for a minimum of seven (7) courses per semester. We have no requirements on the number of credits.

  • There is no Japanese proficiency required to apply for the program.

Program Outline

Students enrolled in the Keio International Program (KIP) are able to take courses from International Center Courses, Japanese Language courses , and Courses offered by Faculty/Graduate School (Japanese or English taught)

International Center Courses

International Center offers English-taught courses focusing on Japan and East/Southeast Asia

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Japanese Language Courses 

Japanese Language courses are offered by the Center for Japanese Studies-Ranging from elementary to advanced level.

Students may take up to 4 courses per semester.

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Courses offered by Faculty / Graduate Schools

Students may also take Courses Offered by Faculty/ Graduate Schools.

-Mostly taught in Japanese (*Advanced Japanese proficiency (JLPT N2 or avove) required.

There are some English taught courses available.

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