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Updated 2024/6/6】

byCCT.jpgMeet CEMS students at Keio University Study Abroad Fair 2024

CEMS students and Keio CEMS Office will join the Study Abroad Fair to answer any questions you may have about graduate study, study abroad and CEMS MIM Programme. Please feel free to stop by our booth.
・Date and Time:13:00-16:30, June 14, 2024
・VenueHiyoshi Communication Lounge, Fourth Building Independence Wing, Hiyoshi Campus

Join us at the 1st Seminar Information Session (Faculty of Economics)

Please feel free to join us! CEMS students or Keio CEMS Office will be available to answer any questions you may have about the CEMS MIM Programme.
・Date and Time:13:30-15:30, June 29, 2024
Please contact us at cems-coordinators@adst.keio.ac.jp to inquire about the Zoom link if you are not students of the Faculty of Economics.

CEMS and CEMS MIM Programme

What is the CEMS Global Alliance?

The CEMS Global Alliance is committed to preparing responsible leaders contributing to a more open, sustainable, and inclusive world.
CEMS is an alliance that consists of world's leading higher education institutions in business, in association with multinational companies and NGOs. CEMS offers a double degree programme, CEMS MIM (Master's in International Management) Programme, an international management master's course. Students who complete this programme receive a master's degree both from their home institution and from CEMS.
Constantly ranked in the top 10 in Financial Times Global Master in Management Ranking, CEMS MIM is now recognized as a world-leading programme in the field of international management. Only one institution from each country is able to join CEMS, and Keio University is from Japan.
At Keio University, students of the Graduate School of Economics, the Graduate School of Business and Commerce, and the Graduate School of Media Design are eligible to apply for the CEMS MIM Programme. Please contact the relevant graduate school directly or visit the websites for the enrolment procedures for each graduate school.
Learn more about CEMS by clicking and watching the following Webinars.
1. The World of CEMS
2. How to become a CEMS student?
3. The CEMS Experience
4. CEMS MIM Year
5. Corporate and Social Partners
6. Alumni
Founded in 1988
34 CEMS Member Schools and a presence on every continent
70 Corporate Partners (multinational companies) and 8 Social Partners (NGOs)
1,348 MIM students of 78 nationalities. 49/51 male/female ratio in 2021-22
16,841 alumni of over 111 nationalities, working in +75 countries

CEMS Academic Member Schools

The core element of the CEMS alliance is a network of prestigious academic members selected on the basis of a 1 country-1 school policy. This network makes it possible for CEMS students to experience study abroad and receive the high quality of learning and practices by studying in the CEMS MIM Programme at the CEMS Academic Partners Schools. To learn more about the CEMS Academic Partners, please visit the CEMS global website.
As of June 2024, CEMS consists of 33 leading universities and business schools, offering a wide variety of options to CEMS students.

CEMS Corporate Partners (CPs)

The CEMS MIM Programme aims at bringing the corporate world right into the core of CEMS students' learning experience. For this reason, a CEMS Corporate Partnership is an integral network for the programme. CEMS Corporate Partners (CPs) are involved in the CEMS MIM curriculum by contributing to the implementation of curricular activities such as Business Projects.
CPs are also active in the recruitment of CEMS students. Every year, many CPs participate in the CEMS Career Forum where CEMS students have opportunities to meet with CP representatives. There are approximately 70 multinational companies currently registered as CEMS CPs.
Among those, the following Japanese corporation is Keio CEMS CP:
Kowa Company, Ltd.
Hitachi Energy, Ltd.

Global Careers

The internationally-esteemed CEMS MIM Programme offers its students many opportunities to make meaningful connections with corporations, including CEMS Corporate Partners (CPs). Over the years, CEMS has also earned the trust of international corporations across the globe in addition to that of its Corporate Partners, leading to many CEMS alumni currently enjoying successful careers in global companies. CEMS offers the following career support for CEMS students and alumni.
●CEMS Career Forum  
Every year around November, CEMS holds its biggest career support event. At the CEMS Career Forum, CEMS Corporate Partners from around the world enter booths at which current students and alumni have the opportunity to talk directly with company representatives. Many students and alumni successfully secure job interviews at this event.
●Regional Career Event  
Regional career events are held several times a year with CEMS Corporate Partners and other companies.
●Online CVs  
There is an online system where CEMS students and alumni can register and manage their CVs. Online CVs are made available to relevant CEMS Corporate Partners, which are then able to contact the students and alumni directly.
●Online Bulletin Board  
An online bulletin board for CEMS Corporate Partners to post job listings is also available exclusively for CEMS students and alumni.
For more information, go to the CEMS Global website.