Keio Japanese Courses (KJC) (Japanese language courses for non-JLP students)

For Japanese Language Program(JLP), please visit here.

Japanese language courses for JLP are entirely different from those for KIP/RP.



・Must be Keio International Program(KIP) or Research Program(RP) students


The subjects focus on developing skills of communication (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) comprehensively.

The number of courses students can take :

4 Courses per semester

Study Levels

The Courses include subjects in 7 study levels from elementary to advanced, in which students can effectively learn the Japanese language in a short period of time and balance their studies in Japanese language with other courses.

For students who wish to take advanced Japanese language courses
If your Japanese language is at N1 level (Based on the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)) , you will be required to take the Japanese Language Placement Test.
For the schedule of the test, please refer to this website.


Each Keio Japanese Courses(KJC) is worth 1 credit.

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Subject List and brief summaries