Apartment / Guarantor, Comprehensive Renter's Insurance

How to Find Housing in Japan

If you are not living in a dormitory/student village arranged by Keio University, you will need to find housing on your own through the people around you and a guarantor. You must know what type of housing suits your needs (distance from school, budget, etc). When students seek private housing in Japan, they will generally be required to have a "guarantor." Usually students are also required to pay a rental deposit, key money and a real estate commission. This means, essentially, that students need to prepare at least 6 months rent in advance to be able to move in. In the downtown area, housing tends to be quite expensive and so most students prefer to live in more affordable areas about an hour away.

Where to Look for Residence

Japanese students often use a real estate agent or read housing information magazines to look for apartments. You may try this method in consultation with your friends and guarantor. The ability to communicate in Japanese is crucial when you approach an agent. Someone who can communicate in Japanese to facilitate the negotiation process should accompany you. We introduce a real estate agency which has English, Chinese and Korean website, and can be accessed from overseas for foreign students who still have some difficulties to communicate in Japanese. It provides various plans such as housings with no guarantors required and short term furnished rooms etc. For more information, please send the following information by e-mail keio_dormitory@info.keio.ac.jp

  • Your name, sex, and birthdate (mm/dd/yyyy)
  • Student ID number (If you do not know, please indicate the period of studying in Keio as well as your faculty or graduate school name.)
  • Your language (English, Chinese or Korean)

We will let you know about the agency by return.

Guarantor, Comprehensive Renter's Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan

*If you wish to apply for the Comprehensive Renter's Insurance, please contact us by an email beforehand with the following information:

Your name, Faculty, Year, Student ID number, Keio ID(XXXXX@keio.jp)

Contact Information :

When renting an apartment, you need a guarantor to co-sign the contract with you. It becomes the guarantor's responsibility to pay the rent on behalf of the tenant if they are unable to do so. Japanese students usually ask their parents or close relatives to be the guarantor, but it is not easy for an international student to find someone who is willing to take on such a financial responsibility. When you cannot find a guarantor, there are two main options as follows:

(1) To use a rent guarantor company

A rent guarantor company will be your guarantor instead of a guarantor. In recent years, there have been an increasing number of cases where the use of a rent guarantor company is obligatory.

(2) To ask university for cosigning / Comprehensive Renters' Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan

When a cosigner cannot be found, it is possible for Keio University to cosign the lease for the period of study at Keio University. In order for university to cosign the lease, it is necessary for you to join Comprehensive Renters' Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan.

There are some conditions to join the insurance. Since there is possibility that your application might be rejected depending on conditions, please consult with us beforehand, at least two weeks before your preferred move-in date.

*Please note that we do not accept applications from overseas as an interview with the applicant is required in the screening process.

*If you use a rent guarantor company, Keio University cannot cosign the lease.

【What is Comprehensive Renters' Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan (commonly referred to as "Ryuhosho")?】

Please see the below URL of Japan Educational Exchange and Services (JEES):

Japanese language only



【Conditions for Keio University to cosign the lease】

  • International students who are currently studying including those who have been admitted to and expected to study at Keio University and, in principle, holding a Student Visa
  • Another cosigner cannot be found.
  • To join Comprehensive Renters' Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan
  • No history of late rent payment at Keio University dormitories
  • No unpaid tuition
  • Roommates are limited to family members and other international students of Keio.
  • No pets etc.

There are other conditions to be considered during screening, so please contact us in advance.

When signing contracts of any sort in Japan, such as for apartments or mobile phones, be sure to read the contract carefully and understand it fully. Contracts are legal documents, which should be signed with full understanding. Signing contracts without complete understanding of the contents may result in unexpected, severe consequences. If you have any trouble understanding the contract, be sure to contact the Housing Coordinator, Office of Student Services, or ask a Japanese friend who is knowledgeable about it.