Housing Information


Keio assists students in arranging accommodation in Japan. Students are provided with a room at one of the student dormitories subsidized by Keio University. In some dormitories, weekday meals are included in the fee.
Usually, students are required to pay rent through automatic debiting from their bank account each month, but sometimes the first and the last month's rent may be paid in cash at the counter of Office of Student Services. The rent charged to students varies from ¥55,000 - ¥78,400 (The rent is subject to change). Students will also be charged ¥20,000 maintenance fee on their first month's rent. Deposits and key charge are not required.


  • Due to the current capacity of student dormitories, once you leave your originally assigned dormitory, you are not allowed to return to the room, or move to another Keio dormitory.
  • Keio does not arrange or introduce a home stay program for exchange students.

-Voices from former exchange students

If you are interested in finding an apartment(aside from Keio Housing) yourself, please refer to  voices from former exchange students.  

Living Expenses

Taking utilities, food, clothes, transportation, books and miscellaneous expenses into consideration, monthly living costs will be approximately ¥130,000 - ¥170,000.

Housing   ¥55,000 - 78,400
Food   ¥30,000 - 60,000
Books   ¥7,000
Transportation   ¥8,000 +
Medical Insurance   ¥1,500+
Cellular Phone   ¥5,000+
Miscellaneous   ¥15,000