CEMS Inbound - Applying for Keio and Information on Visa and Housing

Applying for a CEMS Exchange at Keio

Application Procedures -updated March 19, 2024

Once you are nominated by your home CEMS school to study at Keio as an exchange student, please follow the procedures below.

1.Online Application
Deadlines :
MAY 10, 2024 for Term1, 2024/2025
SEPTEMBER 30, 2024 for Term 2, 2024/2025

* You must be nominated as a CEMS exchange student by your home university by May 1, 2024.

1) Complete Online Application(For Term 2, 2024/2025 students, the application platform (2025 Spring Admission) will open in mid-August 2024).

Follow the instructions on this User Guide for the Keio CEMS Programme Online Application carefully when you fill out the Online Application form. NOTE: Due to the use of a common platform with the University-wide exchange program, some instructions on the Online Application form are not applicable to CEMS students.

2) List of Application Documents Required
Prepare these documents before you start the online application.
** Every document must be issued within 3 months prior to your application.

Document Instructions Upload Format
1 Photo

- Must be taken within 3 months prior to submission
- This photo will be used for your Certificate of Eligibility (COE) and student ID card.
- Please read the Photo instructions carefully for specifications.
-Height: 4cm, Width: 3cm, International Standard
- Selfies and/or retouched photos are NOT acceptable.
- The photo should be clear and in full color (no black and white images).
- Please apply with a different photo than the one used for your passport (unless you just renewed one), since it would be too old.

- Selfies and retouched photos are NOT acceptable.




2 Study Proposal


- Please make sure to read the last page and sign the form.

3 Official Transcripts from your home university

- Your full academic record from your home institution including grades and grading scale.
- If you have not started your graduate studies at a CEMS institution, please upload your transcripts from your previous institution (undergraduate or graduate).
- If issued in a language other than English or Japanese, please also upload an English translation.
- Any unofficial transcripts will NOT be accepted.

4 A copy of Passport
[for visa]

- Photocopy of the page with your personal information and photo.
- Your passport must be valid for at least 3 months counting from the application deadline.
- Please make sure that the details are fully visible upon copying.

- If your passport is due to expire during your exchange, it is your responsibility to renew your passport beforehand.

- Japanese nationals are also required to upload their Japanese passport. - If you are a Japanese national, make sure to fill out your name in Japanese on the online application.

5 Certificate of Health

Certificate of Health

- Must be completed and signed by a physician, NOT by the student.

In order to prevent the outbreaks of infectious diseases such as Measles, Mumps, Rubella, and Varicella (Chickenpox) , we strongly recommend all students get vaccinated before enrollment.
For the details, please refer to this pagePDF.
(The record of vaccinations is NOT required.)


Certificate of Financial Support

- The certificate is a bank statement or a bank letter with an official bank letterhead. A copy of your monthly bank statement or the screenshot of your bank statement will NOT be accepted. See [Sample]
- The certificate must show:
* current balance
The amount to cover the expected cost of your stay, at least JPY 130,000(or equivalent in local currency) per month.
Term 1: JPY 650,000 (JPY 130,000 × 5 months)
Term 2:
JPY 520,000 (JPY 130,000 × 4 months)
* account holder's name(s)
* type of account
* type of currency

Select which financial resource(s) you will provide from a) -d) below and submit the required documents.
a) For Personal funds (Self): Your name must appear on the certificate.
b) For Supporters living abroad: The name(s) of the supporter(s) must appear on the certificate. IN ADDITION, a letter of support in English or Japanese signed and dated by a family member who intends to provide for your expenses. The letter must indicate the amount of funds to be provided, the duration of the support, and the individual's relationship to you (Sample)

c) For Sponsoring organization funds: A letter in English or Japanese from the sponsoring organization that indicates the amount of funds and the duration of the award. Note that the JASSO Scholarship may NOT be part of your financial support, as we cannot confirm the results in advance.
d) For Loan funds: A copy of the approval letter indicating the amount of the loan.


Application for Certificate of Eligibility (COE)

[for visa]

- Please complete the Googleform, which is separate from the online application form.
- International students without any residential status in Japan need the Certificate of Eligibility (COE) to apply for the College Student visa. Keio CEMS Office will apply for COE on your behalf based on the information on the Googleform.
- The information on the form needs to be ACCURATE.
- Please refer to the list of questions to complete the form.
- Not required for Japanese nationals.
- If you have dual nationalities, choose 1 nationality (passport) and make sure you write the information on the chosen passport only, including the "Past entry into/depart from Japan" section.

Google Form
2.Complete your CV on cems.org
For Term 1 students, please complete your CV on cems.org By July 10. For Term 2 students, please complete your CV on cems.org By November 10. This is very important as it will be shared with the professors for the Block Seminar and the Business Project. An incomplete CV will also be shared.

Obtain a visa before you enter Japan
Keio University will apply for a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) on behalf of you, based on the documents (4), (5) and (6) above. Once issued, Keio will send you your COE, which you will use as part of your visa application. If you study at Keio in Term 1, you will receive your COE around mid/late August; if Term 2, mid/late February.

JASSO Scholarship

JASSO Scholarship may be offered to CEMS students based on availability. Even when available, they are NOT guaranteed to all CEMS students and can be highly competitive since the number of recipients is limited.

If you wish to apply for the JASSO scholarship, read the Application Guide for the JASSO scholarship below carefully and make sure you meet all of the requirements. Then, complete the STEP 5 "JASSO Scholarship" of the Online Application. Results will be notified in July/August for Term 1 students and in March for Term 2 students.

Keio CEMS JASSO Application Guide

Housing Information

Keio Dormitory

Off-campus dormitories are available for all CEMS exchange students on an availability basis. Dormitories at Keio University are quite inexpensive because the fees are subsidized by the university. This has helped many international students since the living cost in the Tokyo area is very high. All CEMS students to Keio will receive an email regarding a dormitory application approximately three months prior to the beginning of the term.
For general information about housing and living costs, click here.

Housing Platform

CEMS students have organized the "housing platform" that helps you find off-campus apartments which other CEMS students want to sublet. All students having an email address with @cemsmail.org* can use the platform for free. To find an off-campus apartment, visit the website below:

Visa Information

Applying for "Student" status under GENERAL VISA

In order to enter Japan as an incoming CEMS exchange student, you will need to obtain a "Student" status visa. Before you apply for a student visa, you will need a "Certificate of Eligibility (COE)" as one of the visa application materials. After your nomination has been decided, you will be asked to send us some necessary documents, one of which is the application form for a COE. Please fill out the form and send it back to Keio University. With this application form, the International Center at Keio will apply for a COE at the immigration authorities in Japan on your behalf. It could take at least one to two months before COE is issued.

Once COE has been issued, Keio will send it to you. Thus, it is very important that you keep us informed of the appropriate postal address so the document will reach you. You will then be able to apply for a "Student" status visa at a Japanese embassy or consulate in your country, submitting the necessary documents along with this certificate.

Note: Japanese nationals, including those with dual nationalities, must enter Japan as a Japanese national with a Japanese passport. They should apply for a Japanese passport at a Japanese embassy or consulate if they do not possess one.

To apply for a "Student" status visa:
(2) Follow the instructions in the website as well as any additional instructions provided by the local Japanese embassy/consulate in your country.

Applying for "Change of Status of Residence"

If you intend to take up an internship during the holidays right after you finish studying as a CEMS exchange student at Keio University, you should obtain a "Designated Activities" status by applying for a "Change of Status of Residence." Since it will take 1-3 months to make a change of status, you should be thinking ahead about when you should apply for this change of status. The following points are particularly important factors that may affect the timing of your application:

(1) CEMS schools have different starting dates for their academic semesters. If your plan to take up an internship in Japan during the holidays after your semester at Keio, make sure there is enough time to allow you to complete the internship requirement of more than 8 consecutive weeks in Japan AND start the following semester at your home school (or another CEMS school abroad) on time.

(2) You need to have a job offer by the time you make the application for a "Change of Status of Residence." This may require you to have a job offer as soon as you arrive at Keio, which means that you may need to look for an internship job at a company in Japan before you come to Keio University.

To apply for a "Change of Status of Residence":
(2) Click "List of Necessary Documents" and then Click "Application for change of status of residence"
(3) Follow the instructions in the page (Choose "Other Purposes" for the appropriate application form).

Internship Visa ("Designated Activities" status under SPECIFIED VISA)

If you intend to take up an internship at a Japanese company without studying at Keio as an exchange student, then you must apply for a visa categorized as "Designated Activities" under the Specified Visa. Follow the instructions below for obtaining this visa:

To apply for a visa for "Designated Activities" status:
(2) Follow the instructions in the website as well as any additional instructions provided by the local Japanese embassy/consulate in your country.
(3) Ask the company to apply for a "Certificate of Eligibility" and have it sent to you once it has been issued. For further information about a "Certificate of Eligibility" and its application form, click https://www.moj.go.jp/isa/applications/procedures/16-1.html?hl=en .
(4) Once you have received a "Certificate of Eligibility," which will be sent to you from the company, apply for a "Designated Activities" status visa at the local Japanese embassy/consulate in your country.

Immigration Bureau Offices in the Tokyo / Yokohama Area

To find specific immigration offices in the Tokyo Area, visit:

General Information about Japanese Visa

(1) To get a general idea about how to obtain a visa, see this chart:
The "Inviting Person in Japan" described in the chart will depend on the type of visa you intend to obtain. For a student visa, Keio University will serve as the "Inviting Person in Japan." For an internship, the company offering you an internship will be the "Inviting Person in Japan." Please see the sections "Student Visa" and "Internship" below for specific instructions for the respective visa types.

(2) The visa requirements are subject to change, and thus you should consult the local Japanese embassy or consulate in your country for the final check.
Please note that Keio University does not hold responsibility for obtaining your visa although the university will apply for a "Certificate of Eligibility" as one of the required documents on your behalf. It is your responsibility to prepare all necessary visa documents and submit them to the appropriate governmental office in a timely manner to successfully obtain a visa.

(3) Specific procedures for visa application may depend on the applicants' nationality, so you should check BOTH the general procedures information described in the Ministry of Foreign Affair's website (Links are provided in the sections "Student Visa" and "Internship" below for the respective visa types) AND more specific information provided by the local Japanese embassy/consulate in your country.

(4) A visa is valid for three months after its issuance for entry. This means that you should obtain your visa within three months prior to your intended date of entry into Japan.
For other visa-related information, visit the Keio University International Center website below.


Health Insurance

Foreign nationals living in Japan for more than 3 months are required to join one of the following insurance systems:
① Employees' Health Insurance (generally covers individuals who are employed by a company.)
② National Health Insurance (covers individuals who are not eligible to join employees' health insurance.) Most international students are required to join the National Health Insurance scheme unless they are covered by the Employees' Health Insurance of a family member who lives and works in Japan. Please see "International Student Handbook" for more information.