Dean's message

Amidst increasingly globalization, Keio University is focusing on advancing international collaboration. At Keio, the International Center deals with various affairs related to this.

In recent years, Keio has concentrated on the quantifiable aspects of international collaboration, for example, it has been striving to increase the number of academic linkage and collaboration agreements and the number of students participating in exchange programs. That is not to say that quality has been forgotten. Now is the time to focus on qualitative aspects, ensuring that there is high quality in our international collaborations.

What exactly is high quality international collaboration? One could say that high quality collaboration in the case of agreements on academic linkage and collaboration provides sustained, meaningful interaction for both institutions in the exchange of students or faculty members. However, it is necessary to develop and maintain an environment conducive to building such relationships. The International Center at Keio University strives towards this goal in its day-to-day activities.

Professor Hisayo Ogushi
Dean, International Center