Support Groups for International Students (Approved by the Keio University International Center)

Keio University has various support groups for international students which are officially approved by the International Center. These groups are organized by current students and alumni, and will help you with your life in Japan on- and off-campus. The groups also arrange parties, events, and various opportunities to experience Japanese culture and tradition throughout the year. For details of event information, please check the International Center notice boards or the office in charge on your campus and the International Center website:

1. Support Groups Established by Students

KOSMIC (Keio Organization of Student Members of the International Center) is organized by Keio University students and provides support for international students from a student point of view. It promotes exchange with international students through welcome parties, conversation partners, Japanese speech contests, and various other activities and events.
KOSMIC Website

2. Support Groups Established by Alumni

1. Nihongo Club

Nihongo Club organizes Japanese classes for international students, visiting researchers and their families at Mita and Shinanomachi campuses (free of charge.) It also introduces them to Japanese culture and tradition through events and excursions.

2. Keio Welcome Net

Keio Welcome Net helps international students and researchers settle into life in Japan through various activities such as bazaars selling daily necessities, and accompaniment them to the hospital if needed. 

Keio Welcome Net

Keio Welcome Net (Flyer)

3. Tokyo Mita Club

Tokyo Mita Club was founded in 1974 by alumni. Tokyo Mita Club organizes various events and welcome parties to promote exchange with international students.

Tokyo Mita Club