Courses offered by Faculty / Graduate Schools

Students may also register for courses offered by Faculties or Graduate Schools.
Note: There are some courses restricted to exchange students or not open to exchange students.

Language of Instructions

*Most Courses offered by Faculty / Graduate Schools are taught in Japanese.

・Japanese-taught courses*

Students with a certain level of Japanese language proficiency can take Japanese-taught courses

For more details, please visit here.

・English-taught courses available for exchange students

There are some English-taught courses available. In particular, the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Business and Commerce offer many English-taught courses.
For the list of courses, please visit here. *Updated July 22, 2022
*Please note that limited number of courses are available for exchange students, and priority is given to regular students.

Course Syllabus and Timetable

*Though you may find more detailed course information on Syllabus and Timetable, courses that exchange students can take are limited. Please see here for the list of courses available for exchange students.

Courses NOT open to Exchange Students

Please visit here( Only Available in Japanese)