Company Housing/Other Dormitories

1.Company Housing (Shain-Ryo)

Some private companies in Tokyo and surrounding areas offer their company housing establishments for self-financed international students enrolled in degree programs at Keio University. These rooms are available at a reasonable price, and most rooms are 1-person accommodations. Vacancy and application information will be posted on the International Center web page.

*If you wish to apply for the company housing, please contact the Housing Coordinator by email beforehand.

For application details, check here (Japanese language only).

2.Hiyoshi Kishuku-sha Dormitory (for first year undergraduate male students only)


Hiyoshi Campus


Minowa-cho, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama
About 10 min. walk from Hiyoshi Station, Tokyu Toyoko/Meguro Line or Yokohama Municipal Subway Green Line

Room Size

Approx. 19 square meters (Three students per room.)

Monthly Rent

¥17,000 (light, heating and water utility costs and network fees are included).
The charge for board is about ¥12,000 (monthly). Breakfast and dinner are served on week days during regular academic semester.
There is an one time non-refundable admission fees of ¥17,000.


Application forms and details are available at the Kishukusha office, the security office at Mita or Hiyoshi campuses, and the Office of Student Services at Hiyoshi campus. Only first-year undergraduate students may apply.

For details, check Hiyoshi Dormitory homepage. (Japanese Language Only)

3.The Tokyo International Exchange Center

The Tokyo International Exchange Center (TIEC) is a facility that provides quality living spaces and international exchange opportunities for outstanding graduate students and researchers who are from Japan and abroad.

TIEC Webpage:

Information for international students applying to be residents:
(Japanese language)

How to apply

- Anyone wishing to become a resident should read through all of the internal procedures and paperwork before applying.
- Please refers Keio Internal Guidelines for the Tokyo International Exchange Center (TIEC) Internal Guidelines.

- The application to become a resident will be made through Keio University.

*There are a limited number of available rooms.

*TIEC will screen and approve applicants for residency.


- The Keio-internal deadlines for the 2023/2024 academic year. Internal Deadline
*These dates are different from the deadlines posted on the TIEC website.

Permission to Move in & Permission to Extend Period of Residence

When the permitted residence period is projected to end between the 26th-31st of March, August, or September, the actual final day of residence will be changed to March 25, August 25, or September 25 respectively.

For any questions, please contact the Housing Coordinator:


Please check Homestay page.