Exchange Scholarship Between Italian Institute of Culture and Keio University (for Italian Scholars / Students) 2023-2024

1. Number of recipients

The scholarship is to be awarded to one person.

2. Eligibility of applicants

Citizenship: Italian
Academic status: Junior faculty member or graduate student

3. Fields of study available at Keio University

Humanities, social & natural sciences, and the Japanese language (for details, visit our website)

4. Period of scholarship

September 2023 - July 2024

5. Conditions of candidacy

Priority should be given to a healthy candidate who has considerable proficiency in the Japanese language, as nearly all courses of instruction at Keio University are conducted in Japanese. The candidate should also have explicit plans to pursue research in a specialized field under the guidance of, or in liaison with, an appropriate Keio faculty member. Should Keio find no faculty available in the candidate's proposed area of study, the candidacy may be rejected. The final selection will be made by the International Center in consultation with the Director of the Italian Institute of Culture in Tokyo.

6. The scholarship includes

  • A monthly grant of 100,000 JPY to cover partial living expenses during the specified period.
  • An arrival allowance of 100,000 JPY.
  • Exemption from tuition and other academic fees as a non degree-student at Keio University.

7. Housing

Upon request, the International Center will assist the exchange researcher/student in finding reasonable accommodation, most likely at one of the rooms/apartments that Keio subsidizes, for international students/scholars. The payment of the rent will be the exchange researcher's/student's responsibility.

8. Application documents

Keio Exchange Program Application Documents:
1. Study proposal
2. One recommendation letter
3. Official academic transcript
4. Certificate of health* (Can be submitted after you are officially selected as a grantee of this scholarship)
5. Passport copy
6. Photo
7. Certificate of financial support
8. Application for Certificate of Eligibility (visa document)*

*Click here for detailed instructions of the application documents and downloadable forms.

9. Submission of application documents

1. Submit required application documents to Keio University through our online system.

  • Application Procedure for Keio Exchange Program
  • When you apply online:
    Select "University-wide"for Exchange type
    Select "Italian Cultural Institute of Tokyo" for Home Institution
    Select "Resarch Program" for Program at Keio 
  • When you upload application documents online:
    Certificate of health is not required at the time of application. You may submit the online application without uploading the certificate.
    However, once you are officially selected as a grantee of this scholarship, you will be requested to submite the Certificate of health.

2. Submit one copied set of Keio Exchange Program appliation documents to the Italian Institute of Culture in Tokyo for selection.

  • How to make a copied set of Keio Exchange Program application documents:
    In "Step 6 Confirmation" , which is the last step of Keio Exchange Program Online Application, you may review and download PDF version of the application documents.
    Please download this and pirnt it out.

10. Deadline

All application must be sent to the Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Tokyo by the deadline set by the institute.
Application submitted only to Keio University will NOT be screened.

For further information on the scholarship program / nomination of the candidates, please direct your correspondence to the Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Tokyo.