Keio International Program Transcripts/Certificates

Currently enrolled KIP students and former KIP students can apply for KIP transcripts / certificates.

*For Japanese Language Program transcript / certificates, please refer to

How to order

1. Order in Person *Both for currently enrolled and former KIP students


The Office of Student Services (International Exchange Services Group), B1 floor South School Building, Mita Campus
Office Hours
Mon-Fri, 8:45-16:45
- Closed on national holidays, Summer and Winter breaks, and holidays set by Keio university*ex. January 10th(Founder's birthday)
- The hours may change without notification. Please confirm by e-mail in advance.

Request Form

Request Form is available at the Office of Student Services (International Exchange Services Group), Mita campus.

Things to Bring
  • Your identification
  • *For those enrolled_Student ID card
  • *For former students_e.g. Passport, Driver's license, Residence card, etc.
  • Issuance fee (See "Fee" below)
  • Postage fee (See "Fee" below) / Self-addressed envelope(s) with enough stamp(s) to cover the postage
  • If you would like the Transcripts/Certificates to be mailed within Japan, please bring self-addressed envelopes with enough stamps to cover the postage.
  • If you would like the Transcripts/Certificates to be mailed outside Japan, please bring the amount of the postage fee in cash (Please refer to the "Fee" below for the amount).

Pick-up or Receiving by Proxy (except public institution)

  • If the transcript or certificate is going to be picked up or received by proxy, authorization letter must be submitted at the time of application. (There is no need to submit one if it will be received by public institutions such as University Admissions Office.)
  • Please submit the authorization letter with a copy of the proxy's photo ID (such as Residence card, Driver's license and Passport) when ordering. Moreover, the proxy must bring and show his/her photo ID when he/she is picking up at the office.

Authorization Letter
No prescribed form for the letter; however, it should be written by the student or former student who is ordering transcripts or certificates so that his/her will can be clearly understood. Please make sure to state name of the proxy and his/her date of birth for the purpose of identification.

(Sample) Authorization Letter:
I, "your name", hereby authorize Mr./Ms. "name of the proxy," (date of birth), to act as a representative on my behalf to pick up the copy of transcript / certificate I have ordered.
Month/Day/20** Your name and Signature

2. Order Online *For former KIP students only

Payment Credit Card Payment
  • In addition to the certificate issuance fee and postage (including express mail charges), you will be charged a service fee (JPY450) to use the system.
  • Receipts will not be issued for transactions made using this system.
  • After completing the payment, cancellations and changes cannot be made. Refunds are not possible in any circumstances.
  • If additional copies are required, please make another application for the additional documents (postage, service fee and credit card administrative fees, etc., will apply separately for each order).


Issuance Fee

JPY 300 is charged per transcript/certificate.

Postage Fee

If you wish to receive transcripts or certificates by mail, postage fee is charged. We will send the transcripts/certificates outside Japan only by EMS.

(1) Outside Japan
We will send the transcripts/certificates outside Japan only by EMS.Before payment, be sure to click here to find out whether EMS to your country or area is available or not.
*If there is no EMS service available to your country or area, please contact
*Due to the Covid-19 related situations, Postage Fee has been frequently changing. For the latest postage information, please make sure to check "5. Postage (2) International Mail (EMS)" section from here

(2) Within Japan

JPY 100 per address.
*Regular envelopes ("nagagata 3" size [120 mm x 235 mm], standard size envelope) will be used. (Certificates will be folded twice.)
*Express Mail: Express mail will cost an additional 260 yen.(as of January, 2023)
*Cost for a return-mail envelope is included.

Processing Time

Requests are processed within 3 business days of receipt of all the necessary documents and payment. It takes another few days for the mail to reach the destination.
In some cases, it may take 2 to 4 weeks for the mail to reach the destination after you order. Please place your order well in advance.


If you have any questions on ordering transcripts/certificates, please do not hesitate to contact:
Office of Student Services (International Exchange Services Group), Keio University

2-15-45 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8345, Japan
TEL : +81-(0)3-5427-1798
E-mail: ic-courses[at]