Programs for Exchange Students at Keio University

Keio University welcomes international exchange Students from our partner universities.
We offer three unique programs for undergraduate and graduate exchange students.
Students from our partner universities may choose to attend one of the following programs for a semester or a year as exchange students at Keio University.

Programs for Exchange Students

Keio International Program (KIP)

This comprehensive program is intended to be open to undergraduate and master's graduate students. In this program, students can study about Japan and East/Southeast Asia by taking English-taught courses offered by the International Center.

In addition, KIP students may choose to take up to four (4) Japanese language courses each semester. KIP students with advanced Japanese proficiency may also take undergraduate/graduate school courses in Japanese offered by faculties open to exchange students.

Japanese Language Program (JLP)

This language program offered by the Center for Japanese Studies is intended to be open to Japanese Language learners. The ultimate goal of this program is for students to attain the maximum level of proficiency possible within a short period of time. Accordingly, students in this program are required to spend most of their time studying Japanese during the semester.

Students in the JLP may also choose to take International Center Courses taught in English as optional subjects.

Research Program (Only for graduate students)

This program is intended to be open to master's graduate students who wish to conduct research under the supervision of an academic advisor at Keio University. Students must be enrolled in a graduate school (or equivalent) at their home institution. If you are a Ph.d. student and wish to apply, please contact us in advance since it may be difficult to accommodate a Ph.d. student. Students must receive approval from the graduate school for their admission to the program as research program students. Moreover, Keio University only accepts exchange students at the graduate level when there are suitable academic advisors available for students' research plans. Student's campus will be one of the six Keio campuses and will depend on the Graduate School the student belong to.

*Faculty-level Exchange (only for Bocconi, CBS, Cologne, UBC, UC)

Campus Information

Keio University operates six major campuses in the greater Tokyo area in Tokyo and Kanagawa prefecture. Of those, Mita Campus is the headquarters campus.
For the information on the campus affiliation for each program and respective campus information, please see below.


Exchange Program/
Graduate School ( *for Research Program students)

Mita Campus

Keio International Program (KIP)
Japanese Language Program (JLP)
Faculty-level Exchange
Graduate School of Letters*
Graduate School of Economics*
Graduate School of Law*
Graduate School of Human Relations*
Graduate School of Business and Commerce*
Law School*

Hiyoshi Campus

Graduate School of Business Administration (KBS)*
Graduate School of System Design and Management (SDM)*
Graduate School of Media Design (KMD)*

Yagami Campus

Graduate School of Science and Technology*

Shinanomachi Campus

Graduate School of Medicine*

Shonan Fujisawa Campus

Graduate School of Media and Governance*
Graduate School of Health Management*

Shiba-Kyoritsu Campus

Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences*

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