Courses available for Exchange Students

Exchange students from our partner institutions under the student exchange agreement at the university level can take the following courses. Please see the summary and details of each course.

*The majority of courses for KIP/JLP students will be held at the Mita campus.

Courses offered by faculties/ graduate schools will be held at their designated campuses.

<Summary of courses>

Please check the eligibility of each program to ensure that you meet all of the requirements in order to take the courses.

Courses/ ProgramKeio International Program (KIP)Japanese Language Program (JLP)Research Program

International Center


Courses offered by

Faculty/ Graduate School

◯ *1 ◯ *1

Independent Study


Japanese language


*1 If you are an undergraduate student at your home university, you are not eligible to take courses offered by Graduate Schools.

International Center Courses

  • International Center provides English-taught courses focusing on Japan and East/Southeast Asia.

    For more details, please visit here.

Courses offered by Faculty / Graduate School

  • Most Courses offered by Faculty / Graduate Schools are taught in Japanese. For more details, please visit here.
  • The number of subjects that can be taken differs depending on the program enrolled. Therefore, please visit the respective program's page as below.

For Keio International Program (KIP) students

For Japanese Language Program (JLP) students

For Research Program students

Independent Study

The independent Study enables students to conduct research on a topic of their choice under the guidance of a supervisor who is a full-time academic faculty member of Keio University.

For more details, please visit here.

Japanese language courses

*Japanese language courses for Japanese Language Program(JLP) students are different from those for Keio International Program(KIP)/Research Program(RP).

For Japanese Language Program (JLP) students

For Keio International (KIP) and Research Program students