Application Documents for the Keio Exchange Program

List of Application Documents Required

All applicants (including those who have applied before) are required to fully submit the latest version of the below documents.

Document Instructions Document Format

1. Photo

-The photo should be taken within 3 months prior to submission.

-This photo will be used for your visa and student ID card. Please read the photo_instructions.pdf before you upload the photo.

- Selfies and/or retouched photos are NOT acceptable.

*Please ensure to apply with a different photo than the one used for your passport, since it is very likely that it has not been taken within 3 months prior to the application of your Certificate of Eligibility.

*Please take the photo from straight ahead and do not use photos taken from angles.

*Please make sure that no parts of your face is cut off; the photo needs to start from the top of your chest (the start of your neck) to the top of your head.


2. Study proposal

- Use the applicable form that corresponds to the program you are applying for from below.

- Must be written by the applicants as it is part of admission documents. Plagiarism will NOT be tolerated by the University.

Course list 2023-2024 will be available in March. Till then please refer to the course list for 2022-2023.

a) for KIP
(Keio International Program)

Study proposal for KIP is available from here.

- Applicants who wish to take undergraduate faculty courses conducted in Japanese must write the proposal in Japanese.


b) for JLP
(Japanese Language Program)

Study proposal for JLP is available from here.

- Please be aware that you cannot determine your level by yourself. Level placement will be determined based on the standards of the Keio University Japanese Language Program. These standards may differ from those of your home country, and there is a possibility that you will not be placed at your desired level. Please thoroughly consider this possibility when forming your study plan and plan for transferring credits.


c) for Research Program

Study proposal for Research Program is available from here.

No additional instructions.


d) for Faculty-level exchange students

Study proposal for Faculty-level exchange can be found here.


3. Recommendation letter

- The letter should be written by a faculty member (e.g. professor, associate professor, lecturer, etc.) who can comment on your academic ability at your home university for this program.

The letter written by TA (Teacher's Assistant) or used for the internal selection at your home university is NOT acceptable.

- The letter must be issued within the past 3 months prior to submission.

- The letter should also be signed by the professor, and include the date signed.

- There are no specific format for the recommendation letter, however it would be preferable if the letter would be printed on a university letterhead.

-If the recommender does not want the student to see their own recommendation, please ask your exchange coordinator to send PDF copy of the letter to us by e-mail on behalf of you.

-We only need ONE recommendation letter. Please do not submit multiple letters.


4. Official transcript

- Your full academic record from your home institution including grades and grading scale.

- The transcript should be issued within 3 months prior to submission.


5. One copy of passport

- Photocopy the page of your personal information.

- If you are Japanese national, make sure to fill out your name in Japanese also on the online application system.


6. Certificate of health


- Must be completed and signed by a physician, NOT by the student.

- Must be issued within the past 3 months prior to submission.


7. Certificate of financial support 

Select which financial resources you will provide from a) -d) below and submit required documents.

- The certificate should be officially issued by a bank within 3 months prior to submmision.
(The screenshot of your bank statement will NOT be accpeted.)
- The certificate must show the following expected cost of their stay, which is at least JPY 130,000 (or equivalent in local currency) per month for the period of stay.
Spring semester: JPY 520,000 (JPY 130,000 × 4 months)
Fall semester: JPY 780,000 (JPY 130,000 × 6 months)
Full academic year: JPY 1,430,000 (JPY 130,000 × 11 months)
- A copy of your monthly bank statement will NOT be accepted.
- JASSO scholarship cannot be a part of your financial support as we cannot confirm you will be awarded JASSO scholarship at this moment.

a) Personal funds

- A bank statement or bank letter on official bank letterhead indicates the type of account, the current balance and type of currency. The student's name must appear on the bank document. (Sample)


b) Family funds

- A letter of support in English or Japanese must be signed and dated by a family member who intends to provide for your expenses. The letter must indicates the amount of funds to be provided, the duration of the support, the individual's relationship to you. It also needs to include the signature of who intends to provide for your expense as well as the date. (Sample)


- A bank statement or bank letter on official bank letterhead indicates the type of account, the current balance and type of currency. The name of the family member providing support must appear on the bank document. (Sample)

*Be sure to upload both documents.

c) Sponsoring organization funds

- A letter in English or Japanese from a sponsoring organization that indicates the amount of funds to be provided and duration of the award.


d) Loan funds

- A copy of the approval letter indicating the amount of the loan.


8. COE application


- An international student without resident status in Japan needs to have a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) issued in advance of applying for an applicable visa ("the College Student" visa).

- Please read below sample carefully for how to fill out the COE application form. The form is 3 page long.

"COE Sample (Personal funds)" for students whose financial fund is solely "a) Personal funds".
"COE Sample" for students whose financial funds are NOT solely "a) Personal funds". (any combinatin of above funds a) -d))

- Not required for Japanese nationals.


Privacy Policy - General Data Protection Regulation

Keio University Privacy Policy for Applicants and Students from Student Exchange Partner Universities in the European Economic Area

Important Notes

*You need to complete and upload documents above when you submit your application online.
Prepare these documents before you start online application procedures.

*All documents must be uploaded by the designated formats as listed above. Screenshots (such as jpeg files or png files) are NOT acceptable.

*An authorized Japanese or English translation is required if the text is not written in Japanese or English.

*Documents used for the internal selection at your home university will NOT replace the application documents to Keio.

*Do not submit any extra documents unless otherwise instructed.

*You may not change/update documents submitted online after the deadline has passed. If you wish to change/update documents after the deadline, please send the file(s) to the email address below.

*We may contact you if any detail on the application form is not clear or if we require further clarification.

*If you are a Japanese national, please select "Japan" for your nationality when you fill out online application and submit a copy of your Japanese passport.

*We do not send a confirmation message upon completion of your application.