Participants Voices

KJSP 2013 has been a wonderful opportunity to learn more about not only one of my favorite countries, but also a lot about myself. Here I have met friends for life and for that alone, I am eternally grateful.

Benjamin Clark
KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Honesty one of the most amazing times of my life. I absolutely loved the experience of living in Tokyo like a local student - being shoved in the trained, eating real Japanese food and dealing with honest issues. But the people on this program has been fantastic as well. I've made so many new friends from across the world. that I'm certain will remain lifetime friends.

Lucy Xu
The University of New South Wales

I think the Keio-Short-Program gave me the opportunity to get an impression of Japan and studying in a Japanese university. The lectures and the outside activities showed a great balance between hearing about the Japanese society and getting in touch with it.Also I think the choice of lectures and topics gave me the chance to get a picture of the diversity of Japanese society.

Victoria Tarak 
University of Siegen

This has been two of the busiest weeks of my life, and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

It has been a really varied programme with a large variety of classes. Personally, I particularly enjoyed the economics lecture about the current challenges Japan is facing and how it may overcome this.

My favorite thing about the programme has been the people I have met. The participants have come from all over the world so it is a great chance to learn more about not only Japan and its culture, but the culture of all the places we have all come from. The Keio students have been amazing, they are so welcoming!

Laura Pattison 
The University of Sheffield

KJSP allows us to learn the Japanese culture in depth. We had lectures about it, followed by numerous on-site activities to deepen out knowledge about Japan.

Participating in KJSP is valuable experience, We studies the culture and history of Japan, visited the Ministry of Finance and the House of Councillors, and we even tasted some of the best sushi in the world. Two weeks is definitely not enough to learn the entire Japanese culture, however, it gives us a chance to get a glance of the Japanese society.I learnt a lot through KJSP and I am really glad to have been able to participate in it.

Yue Lo
The University of Hong Kong

This program certainly changed my view towards my own country, through interactions with my peers from variety of backgrounds. I have ever felt so "Japanese" ever before in my life than during this 2 weeks.

It was very difficult, but fun, and rewarding at the same time. There are no other chances for me to experience about my culture INSIDE it with so many variety of perspectives close to me. It was a challenging but great experience to answer to many questions my friends asked me.

Eri Fumoto
Keio University

I would like to recommend this program not only to overseas students, but also to Japanese students. We can study Japan while comparing it to other countries at the same time. Before taking part in this program, I thought that Japan had the same customs as other countries. However, through this program I noticed some of the unique elements of Japanese culture. For example, we Japanese people don't talk in the train, which seemed strange to international students.

Moreover, this program is a good chance to develop our English skills without going abroad. I was really impressed by this program.

Kai Matsuo
Keio University

Before the first meeting, I was a little worried about my communication skills in English. But I had endless things to talk about with KJSP participants, who were all very kind and warm to me. Living with foreign students was a very precious experience for me. During the journeys to and from Mita or Hiyoshi campus, we talked about so many things. I discovered the joy of making friends with foreign students through this program.

Ikumi Suwa
Keio University