Re-entry Permits

If you intend to return temporarily to your home country or travel abroad during a vacation break or at any other time, you must obtain a re-entry permit prior to departure. If you depart without obtaining a re-entry permit, you will be obliged to apply for a new visa when returning to Japan.


1. When re-entering Japan within 1 year of the day of departure (Regulations concerning re-entry permits)

When leaving Japan, make sure to bring a valid passport and Residence Card. As a general rule, you will not be required to apply for a re-entry permit when re-entering Japan within 1 year of departure. You must check the box indicating your intent concerning the Special Re-entry Permit on the “Embarkation-Disembarkation (ED) Card” for re-entry and present your Residence Card at departure. If your permitted period of stay is due to expire within 1 year of your departure, please ensure that you re-enter Japan before the expiration of your period of stay.

☆see here for a sample when filling out the ED card.


2. When planning to re-enter Japan more than 1 year after the day of departure

In this case, you must visit the Immigration Bureau to obtain a re-entry permit prior to departure.

The following documents are necessary when applying for a re-entry permit:

  • Application for Re-entry Permit
    You can download the application form from the Ministry of Justice website:
  •  Passport
  •  Residence Card
  •  Certificate for Payment of Fee and a revenue stamp, available for purchase at post offices or the Immigration Services Bureau:
    Single re-entry permit:     3,000 yen revenue stamp
    Multiple re-entry permit: 6,000 yen revenue stamp (May not be granted)


  • Please ensure that you return to Japan before the expiration date on your re-entry permit.
  • Inform your academic advisor, class coordinator, and guarantor of your dates of departure and return if you intend to leave Japan temporarily during the semester.