Changing Your Status of Residence

If you are studying as an undergraduate, graduate, Japanese Language Program (JLP), or Keio International Program (KIP) student at Keio University, you must in principle obtain a Status of Residence of "Student." If you entered Japan under a different Status of Residence and were planning to change this, you should change your Status of Residence at the Immigration Services Bureau in the area where you live immediately (with the exception of the change from Status of Residence of "Temporary Visitor"). Most applications for scholarships or accommodation for international students are available only to those holding a Status of Residence of "Student." The following documents will be required when you change your Status of Residence, although these may also be subject to change. Check in advance with the Immigration Services Bureau and the International Office at your main campus/Office of Student Services (Japanese Language Program).

The documents needed to change your Status of Residence are as follows:

  1. Application for Change of Status of Residence * (The excel version is here)
  2. Passport
  3. Residence Card
  4. Written statement of the reason for change (No set format for this statement but it must be written by you)
  5. A copy of your Certificate of Admission or Certificate of Enrollment (available at the Certificate Issuing Machine located in the vicinity of the Office of Student Services [Academic Services]) or a copy of your acceptance letter.
  6. Certificate of Course Registration/Course Registration Sheet
  7. Documentation certifying your ability to cover all necessary financial expenses while a resident in Japan
  8. 1 photo (4cm x 3cm) taken within 3 months of submission. Paste onto your application
  9. The designated "Certificate for Payment of Fee" with a 4,000 yen revenue stamp (inshi) attached (You must pay the fee when your application is approved. You can purchase revenue stamps at either a post office or the Immigration Services Bureau.)

*The forms titled "For organization, part 1" and "For organization, part 2" must be filled in and certified by Keio University as part of your application package. Contact the designated office as follows:

Student typeOffice in Charge


Research/Non-degree students

The Office of Student Services at your main campus/

SFC Academic Affairs Office (Academic Services)

JLP students The Office of Student Services (Japanese Language Program) at Mita Campus
KIP students The Office of Student Services (International Exchange Services Group) at Mita Campus

After the change in your Status of Residence is complete, please ensure that you make a copy of your Residence Card or passport (if the duration of stay for which permission is granted is for less than 3 months) and submit it to the International Center at your main affiliated campus/Office of Student Services (Japanese Language Program) to update the changes.


If you are currently in Japan with the Status of Residence of "Temporary Visitor," as a general rule, you will need to leave Japan to apply for a Certificate of Eligibility.
You could be subject to punishment for illegal residence if you repeatedly leave and reenter Japan on a "Temporary Visitor" visa to study at Keio University.