KOSMIC's 38th Annual Japanese Speech Contest for International Students--Report

On Saturday, December 10th, students, alumni, and faculty members gathered at the Mita Public Speaking Hall (Mita Enzetsu-kan) for the 38th Annual Japanese Speech Contest hosted by KOSMIC.

Seven international students gave speeches according to the theme for this year: "Difference Between Your Home Place and Japan".

The contestants all gave great speeches that they had been preparing specially for this contest with their Japanese tutors since October.

With each of the finalists presenting their own unique takes on the theme, the audience was treated to a mixture of humorous anecdotes, heartwarming stories, and shrewd observations covering a variety of topics.

The speech titles and nationalities of the prize winners are as follows:

Advanced Level First Prize
『ドイツ人と日本人は似ている? 』(Germany)

Elementary and Intermediate Level First Prize
Details of the Event
Date: December 10th, 2022 16:00~18:00
Location: Mita Public Speaking Hall (Mita Enzetsu-kan), Mita Campus,
Number of the Contestants: 7 Students (1 absence)

Host of the Speech Contest
KOSMIC: http://www.ic.keio.ac.jp/intl_student/organization/kosmic.html

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Speeches by international students

The audience listening enthusiastically

Award ceremony

The speakers and their Japanese student advisors

The speakers and judges


Photo: Aki Takematsu