Extension of Period of Stay

The possible period of stay for a student with Status of Residence of "Student" is from 3 months, and extends up to a maximum of 4 years and 3 months. If you wish to remain in Japan as a student beyond your designated period of stay, you must apply for an extension of your period of stay at the Immigration Bureau with jurisdiction over your area of residence. You may start applying for an extension from 3 months prior to but no later than 10 days prior to the expiration date of your Status of Residence.

For the extension to be granted, you must prove that you have reasonable grounds for needing an extension to your period of stay to continue the activities permitted under your present Status of Residence. During the extension application process, your living conditions and financial situation in the previous year as a student will be examined. Your activities as an international student will be checked to make sure you did not engage in activities outside those permitted under your Status of Residence, as well as your capacity to pay academic fees and living costs.

After approval of your extension, please ensure that you submit a copy of your new or updated Residence Card or passport (if your granted period of stay is less than 3 months) to the International Office at your main campus or the Office of Student Services (Japanese Language Program).

Application documents are as follows, although they may differ depending on each applicant's situation. You should check with the Immigration Bureau in advance.

  1. Application for Extension of Period of Stay*
    *Use the format "10 Student".
  2. Certificate of Enrollment
    *If you took a leave of absence, you need a letter of reason and a Certificate of Leave of Absence.
    *If you repeated a year level, or are currently in the same year level as the previous year, you need a letter of reason.
  3. Transcript of Academic Record
    *In the case that your Transcript of Academic Record cannot be issued because you are freshman, the Certificate of Course Registration is required instead of the Transcript.
    Additionally, in cases where you are a new student and were previously attending a high school, other university, or Japanese language school in Japan, submit the Graduation Certificate and transcript of this school/university.
    *Research students should submit a letter written by their academic advisor instead of the certificates indicated above. There is no fixed format, but the letter should include a description of your research and indicate the duration of time devoted to the research (more than 10 hours per week).
  4. Passport
  5. Residence Card
  6. Documentation certifying your ability to cover all necessary financial expenses while staying in Japan
  7. 1 photo (4 cm x 3 cm) taken within 3 months of submission. Paste onto your application
  8. The designated "Certificate for Payment of Fee" with a 4,000 yen revenue stamp (inshi) attached
    *You must pay the fee when your application is approved. You can purchase revenue stamps at either a post office or the Immigration Bureau.

*The forms named "For organization, part 1" and "For organization, part 2" should be filled in and certified by Keio University as part of your application package. Contact the designated office as follows:

Student typeOffice in Charge
Undergraduate/Graduate/Research/Non-degree students

The Office of Student Services at your main campus

/SFC Academic Affairs Office (Academic Services)

JLP students

The Office of Student Services (Japanese Language Program) at Mita Campus

The Immigration Bureau has tightened its screening process for applications from students with Status of Residence of "Student" who apply for a change of Status of Residence, an extension of period of stay, or permission to engage in activities other than those permitted under their Status of Residence. Due to this, you may now be requested to submit the following documents in addition to the above:

> A document certifying remittance from your financial supporter
> Documents clarifying any activities other than those permitted under your Status of Residence (e.g., details of any part-time jobs)

Note: Permission from Keio University to advance to the next grade or to extend enrollment in your academic program does not guarantee that the Immigration Bureau will approve an extension to your period of stay. In the case that your academic transcript could be deemed unsatisfactory or you have insufficient course credits and are obliged to repeat an academic year, an extension to your period of the stay may not be approved. You are thus requested to remain diligently engaged with your university studies.