【Deadline January 18th,2024】2024 Housing Application For "Yokohama International Student House"

Application Requirements & Application Forms

・Please check Yokohama International Student House website.

Yokohama International Student House

*Application forms can be downloaded from the website or distributed at our offices listed below.

2024 Application Guide

Submitting Application Forms

We will collect students' applications and send them to Yokohama International Student House at once.

Please bring yourself all of required documents to our offices or send them via email.

【Application Period of Keio:2024 January 5th (FRI)~18th (THURS) 4:45PM (Japan time)】

*Please note that this application period differs from Yokohama International Student House website.

<Offices to submit(8:45AM~4:45PM)Unavailable on weekends or public holidays>

-Student Services (International) (Hiyoshi Campus, 1F Independence Wing)

-Student Services, Graduate School section(Hiyoshi Campus, 2F Collaboration Complex)

-Student Services (International), Yagami Campus

<Email addresses to submit>

Title:【Application for Yokohama International Student House】Student ID No. & Name

-Student Services (International), Hiyoshi Campus(Undergraduate):hiyoshi-ic@adst.keio.ac.jp

-Hiyoshi Campus (Graduate Schools):ic-hiyoshi-grads@adst.keio.ac.jp

-Student Services (International), Yagami Campus:ic-yagami@adst.keio.ac.jp


・About Submitting Application Forms:

-Student Services(International), Hiyoshi Campus(Undergraduate) 045-566-1033 / hiyoshi-ic@adst.keio.ac.jp

-Hiyoshi Campus(Graduate Schools) 045-564-2441(KBS) , 045-564-2517(KMD) , 045-564-2518(SDM)

ic-hiyoshi-grads@adst.keio.ac.jp (KBS/KMD/SDM)

-Student Services (International), Yagami Campus  045-566-1468 / ic-yagami@adst.keio.ac.jp

・Other inquiries:Yokohama International Student House 045-507-0121 / Contact Us | Yokohama International Student House (yish-yoke.com)