【For International Students】 events by KOSMIC

Kosmic bowling & hotspring event

Date: 7/1 Friday
Place: Odaiba
18:00-20:00 bowling
20:30- hotspring(大江戸温泉)
*You can join both part or (earlier or latter)half part
Deadline: 6/25
Contact Person: Ms: Mayu Tsuruno
Email address: mayu1222kuro214@gmail.com

Kosmic Summer Camp

Date: 8/4-6
Place: Oze 尾瀬
Contents: Fireworks BBQ, Hotspring Making pizza. Test of courage Nomikai,etc.....
Contact Person: Ms: Mayu Tsuruno
Email address: mayu1222kuro214@gmail.com

Kosmic×Kettle cooking event

*Kettle is a cooking club of Keio.We can enjoy cooking with kettle member and a teacher. Menu is not decided yet, but the teacher is thinking which menu is appropriate for exchange students. Let's cook and enjoy Japanese meal.
Kettle Twitter →Ichiru11Ichiru
Place:MusashiKosugi 武蔵小杉
Contact Person: Ms. Kanan Matsue
Email address: kananan81@yahoo.co.jp

Kosmic × UNESCO club collaboration event

Date: 6/21 tuesday 18:00-
Place: Hiyoshi campus communication lounge
Price: free
Capacity: about 20
①Presentation introduction: What do we present about?? Introduction of 4 areas in Japan (Mainly world heritage, and culture, history, gourmet, nice sightseeing spot etc....)
*You're devided into 4 groups and make presentation about each area.
②Discussion topics
What do we talk about??
・Your favorite Japanese heritage
・Introduction of the world heritage from your own country
☆After the event...
UNESCO club members will vote for the location of our tour in summer vacation(9/15~9/20), according to your presentation about Japan. (for sure foreign students are welcomed to join to the tour!!!)
☆It's a good chance to get much more knowledge about Japan!!
Contact person : Ms.Mayu Tsuruno
Email address: mayu1222kuro214@gmail.com
☆Deadline 6/15