【For International Students and Scholars】AWA ODORI@ Yamato City by Keio Welcome Net

Keio Welcome Net would like to invite you to AWA ODORI festival held in Yamato City, Kanagawa Prefecture
It is a big Japanese traditional dance event performed on the streets around Yamato Station. You can see a lot of dancers’ groups and also dance in an “open to all” dance group (NIWAKA-REN).

Date & Time : 2017.07.30(Sun) 4:30pm-
Place: Around Yamato Station in Yamato City, Kanagawa Pref
Meeting Place The ticket gate of Yamato Station of Sotetsu Line (Not the ticket gate of Odakyu Line)
Meeting Time 3:45pm
Participation Fee: Free
Registration enter: welcomenetevent@gmail.com
Details: AWA ODORI              The information about AWA ODORI