KOSMIC's 27th Annual Japanese Speech Contest for the International Students

On December 10th, students, alumni, and faculty members gathered at the Enzetsu-Kan(The "Public Speaking Hall" located in Mita Campus) for KOSMIC's 27th Annual Japanese Speech Contest for the International Students.

The final round consisted of 8 competitors speaking about this year'stheme: "My Personal Message to the Japanese People". The speeches were on a variety of topics, such as learning about Japanese manners from TV commercials, encouraging young Japanese people to study abroad, and an ambitious Keio student. For the Japanese audience, the speeches were an enjoyable mixture of new discoveries and even some thought-provoking home truths.

The speech titles and nationalities of the prize winners are as follows:
First Prize
"Invisible Pressure" (PR of China)
Second Prize
"Let's Go out into the World" (Germany) 
"The Heart of the Challenger" (Belarus)

After the speeches, it is also a tradition to watch a short documentaryfilm consisting of interviews with the speakers. The film highlights the students’ thoughts during the preparation period with their Japaneseadvisers, and their overall motivations for taking part in the contest.

Details of the Event
Date: Dec. 10th, 2011(Sat.) 1:00pm-4:30pm
Location: Mita Enzetsu-kan(Public Speaking Hall) in Mita Campus
Speakers: 8

Visit for more details:KOSMIC (Keio Organization of Student Members of the International Center)http://kosmic.blog.so-net.ne.jp/ 

Audiences listened enthusiastically

A Speech by International Student

Award Ceremony

Group Photo of the Speakers