University of California, Berkeley Extension

Updated: September 26, 2019

Various privately-funded study abroad programs tailored to differing needs are deployed as part of the University of California, Berkeley (UCB) Extension. It is now possible for Keio students to participate in UCB Extension as privately-funded study abroad students following the conclusion of a contract between Keio University and the University of California, Berkeley Extension. Interested Keio students are requested to apply after confirming details on the Programs for International Students section* of the website for UCB Extension.

Characteristics of the Program

  • There are courses catering to a wide range of levels, including those focused on improving participant language skills, as well as those involving attendance at lectures in specialized fields
  • In principle, this will be a study abroad program for periods of a full semester or more.

Eligible programs

You are requested to check the content of the programs and the course types at the UCB Extension Website.

Berkeley Global Access Discover Program (BGA)
BGA-Start Program (BGA Start)
Berkeley Haas Global Access Program (BHGAP)
College of Environmental Design Global Access Program (CEDGAP)
Legal Studies Global Access Program (LSGAP)
Professional Diploma Programs (PDP)
Concurrent Enrollment Program

How to Apply

Please register online here when completing applications. If there are changes to the program or period for which you will apply, please notify us at the below email address. 


Please refer to the UCB Extension website for details of the application requirements, methods, costs, etc., and submit the application documents to UCB Extension directly. Please submit the documents by yourself as it is not necessary to apply via Keio.


Procedures schedule

Each student is requested to confirm details on the UCB Extension website. Please complete the application process by the respective application deadlines for each program on your own.

Overseas travel insurance, etc.

It is required that participants enroll in overseas travel insurance and for the Crisis Management Support Service, from the period following departure from Japan through to return dates, to allow the International Center at Keio to cater to and offer support in the case of emergencies or other contingencies associated with participation in this program Participants and their guarantors can use the international free-dial collect call service 24 hours per day for support. Failure to enroll in the designated insurance or pay the prescribed fees is not acceptable under any circumstances. Note that these costs are greatly discounted under a blanket agreement and will be within 150,000 yen per academic year. Also note that there will be variations depending on the period during which you leave Japan. Applicants will be informed on details of the procedures and support available. 

If you are required to enroll in any medical insurance by UCB Extension in addition to the overseas travel insurance prescribed by Keio University, please ensure to comply.


Important Notes           

  • Please contact UCB Extension directly if you have any questions about the program. 

  • You are requested to make decisions and fulfil any obligations at your own discretion as Keio will in no circumstances be able to provide details of the programs on offer and costs.

  • The International Center is not involved in certification for “study abroad” by the Keio students participating in this program.

  • All participants will be personally responsible for completion of the procedures accompanying study abroad. Keio will not be involved in applications on behalf of students. The procedures including those listed below are compulsory. (Please follow UCB Extension’s instructions when completing the actual procedures.)

  • Applications and follow-up procedures (submission of applications; payment of dormitory and tuition fees; arrangements at place of accommodation including dormitory applications; passports and visas; travel arrangements including airline tickets; vaccinations [where needed]; enrollment in overseas travel insurance [Keio and UCB insurance] for UCB Extension; etc.)

    You are requested to confirm with the Academic Affairs Office at your affiliated faculty regarding the internal study abroad procedures.



UCB Extension Section, International Exchange Services Group

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