【For International Students and Scholars】 Let's go see OHINASAMA at Meguro Gajoen

Why don't you join us and enjoy one of the most traditional festival in Japan?
HINAMATSURI (the Japanese Doll Festival) is held on March 3. The beautiful traditional Japanese dolls, OHINASAMA, are displayed at Meguro Gajoen. Come and join us!

Date & Time : 2012.02.09(Thu)  13:00-
Place: Meguro Gajoen
Event: Hyakudan Hinamatsuri
Meeting Place: 13:00       Hiyoshi Station (Tokyu-Toyoko Line)   
13:40       Meguro Gajoen
Participants 25 people (First come, first served basis)
Organized by: Keio Welcome Net
Keio Fujin Mita-kai
Participation Fee: Free
Apply: Reservations are required in advance by using e-mail below.
Contact: welcomenetevent@infoseek.jp