【For International Students and Scholars】 Sweet red-bean soup (Oshiruko) & Mini Bazaar by Keio Welcome Net

Sweet red-bean soup (Oshiruko) with Mochi makes you warm! About 30 bowls will be provided free of charge. Why don't you come and taste it?
Mini Bazaar will be held on the same day!
Come and join us!

Date & Time : Oshiruko: 2012.12.01 (Sat) 12:30 start
Mini Bazaar:2012.12.01(Sat)13:00~15:00
Place: Oshiruko :Hiyoshi International House
Mini Bazaar :Hiyoshi International House Lounge C(Building C-101)
Organized by: Keio Welcome Net
Fee: Oshiruko: Free of Charge
Contact: welcomenetgoods@gmail.com
Details: Click here for further information