2023 CEMS Semester Report ~Reception~

Keio's CEMS students, corporate partners, faculty members, and past members of Keio's CEMS MIM (CEMS Master's in International Management) Programme came together for a reception on Friday, October 13, at The Cafeteria in the South School Building on Mita Campus.

This semester, Keio is hosting 12 students from CEMS partner schools, reflecting the international nature of the Keio CEMS MIM Programme. The reception started with an opening address from Professor Teruo Nakatsuma, Dean of the Graduate School of Economics, followed by a toast by Vice-President Motohiro Tsuchiya. There were about 40 people in attendance at the reception, including representatives from CEMS Corporate Partners.

It was a pleasant evening of eating, drinking, short speeches, and conversations among a diverse group of attendees -- a testament to the strong network of the ever-expanding CEMS community.

For more information about the Keio CEMS MIM Programme, see:
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