Viewing Hinadolls, at Hyakudan, Megurogajoen

Why don't you join us and enjoy one of the most traditional festival in Japan? 
HINAMATSURI (the Japanese Doll Festival) is held on February 6 2014.
The beautiful traditional Japanese dolls, OHINASAMA, are displayed at Megurogajoen. Come and join us!

Date & Time : 2014.02.06(Thu)  13:00-
Place: Megurogajoen
Event: Hyakudan Hinamatsuri
Participants 26 people (First come, first served basis)
Organized by: Keio Welcome Net
Participation Fee: Free
Apply: Reservations are required in advance by using e-mail below.
Contact: welcomenetevent@gmail.com
Details: Click here for further information