【For International Students and Scholars】 Rice-cake Making & Mini Bazaar by Keio Welcome Net

Why don't you join one of the most traditional New Year's events in Japan?
Mini Bazaar will be held on the same day!
Come and join us!

Date & Time : Rice-cake Making: 2011.12.03 (Sat) 11:00~13:00
Mini Bazaar:2011.12.03(Sat)12:30~14:30
Place: Rice-cake Making :Hiyoshi International House Building B
Mini Bazaar :Hiyoshi International House Lounge C(Building C-101)
Organized by: Keio Welcome Net
Fee: (For Rice-cake Making) :200yen (Free for children)
Apply: (For Rice-cake Making)
Reservations are required in advance by using e-mail below.
*Please include your information such as where you are from and faculty you belong to.
Contact: welcomenetevent@infoseek.jp
Details: Click here for further information