AY 2019 Yonsei-Fudan-Rikkyo-Keio Leadership Forum

Updated: March 13, 2019

AY 2019 Yonsei-Fudan-Rikkyo-Keio Leadership Forum

The Yonsei-Fudan-Rikkyo-Keio Leadership Forum, sparked by the 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan, was held jointly by Yonsei University, Rikkyo University, and Keio University for the first four years. With Fudan University in China joining in 2006, the program has become a valuable opportunity for students from East Asia to get together and exchange ideas on important political, economic, social, and cultural issues.

During this student-led residential program, students from Korea, China, and Japan live together to deepen mutual understanding, and explore ways to exercise leadership while building cooperative relationships. Around 15 students from each country, with a total of 45–50 students, live, eat, and sleep communally, attend lectures on issues that are common to their countries, and engage in discussions, group work, and presentations. There are also plenty of cultural exchange events.


English is the spoken language, and the host university pays for the expenses for food and accommodation. The location is rotated every year among the three countries and four universities, and Rikkyo University in Niiza campus will be the host in the 2019 academic year.

①AY 2019 Guidance

Students wishing to participate in the program are advised to attend the guidance session conducted in Japanese. Attendance is not a requirement for applying to the program. Students can attend any of the sessions given below. An explanation of the program will be included in the guidance for summer short-term study abroad programs. 

    March 26 (Tues.)      1:40–2:30pm     Yagami Campus                     14th Building, Classroom 201

    April 3 (Wed.)           ① 10:00–11:00am     Hiyoshi Campus                 Fourth Building Independence Wing, Classrooms D101

        ② 1:00–2:00pm     Hiyoshi Campus                 Fourth Building Independence Wing, Classrooms D101

        ③ 4:00–5:00pm     Hiyoshi Campus                 Fourth Building Section B, Classrooms J21

         April 5 (Fri.)                1:00–2:00pm     Mita Campus                          South School building, Classroom 476

                             4:30–6:00pm     Shonan Fujisawa Campus    Ω (Omega) Building, Classroom 11

②Application and Selection Schedule

Online Registration:                 10:00 am April 8 (Mon.)–3:00 pm April 16 (Tues.)

Submission of Applications:    April 15 (Mon.) and April 16 (Tues.)


Where to Submit Applications to and Office Hours

International Exchange Services Group (Mita) 8:45am–4:45pm

Hiyoshi Office of Student Services (International) 8:45am–4:45pm

Yagami Office of Student Services (International) 8:45am–4:45pm

Shinanomachi Office of Student Services 8:45am–4:45pm

SFC Office, SFC Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care Office 9:15am–4:50pm

Shiba-Kyoritsu Office of Student Services  8:45–11:20am, 12:20–4:45pm


First Screening Results: April 26 (Fri.)

Second Screening (Interview): May 9 (Thur.) 6:00–9:00pm (Mita Campus)

Final Results: May 13 (Mon.)

③Eligibility Criteria

● Must be first- to fourth-year undergraduate students (graduate students are not eligible)

● Must be proficient in English (as the common language is English, students need to be especially competent in listening and speaking)

● Must be interested in and have basic knowledge about Korea and China

● Must be a good team player and participate in the program with enthusiasm

● Must be able to participate in all the pre-program events, including the orientation and pre-meeting

※ There are no restrictions on the nationality of the students. Past participants may apply again, but first-time participants may be prioritized if there are a lot of applicants.

④Number of Participants

8 students (there will also be 8 from Rikkyo University, 15 from Yonsei University, and 15 from Fudan University)

⑤Program Period

August 5 (Mon.) – August 10 (Sat.), 2019

⑥Rough Schedule (Tentative)

Group activities with members from all three countries and lectures and discussions on various themes are planned.

Day 1          Arrival of participants in the afternoon and welcome party in the late afternoon

Day 2 & 3   Lectures in the morning, discussions in the afternoon, dinner and sightseeing in the evening

Day 4          Daytrip for sightseeing / fieldwork

Day 5          Lectures in the morning, discussions in the afternoon, and farewell party  in the evening

Day 6          Departure

⑦Location of Forum, Accommodation Facility and Travel Type

Forum: Rikkyo University (Niiza Campus, Saitama)

Accommodation: Dormitory or hotel arranged by Rikkyo University

⑧Orientation and Pre-meeting

●Orientation: May 24 (Fri) 7:00-8:15pm  @Global Lounge (South School Building 1F, Mita Campus)

The participation for the orientation is mandatory. If you have classes at the scheduled time above, please contact us in advance.

●pre-meeting for successful applicants will be held 2-3 times between Mid-May to Mid-July


The fees for training, food, and accommodation is basically free (paid by Rikkyo University, which is the host institution). Participants are required to pay for the following:

    ● Personal expenses such as food, beverages, and shopping


     This program is not credit-bearing.

⑪How to Apply

     For how to apply, see here

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