University of the Philippines/フィリピン大学


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Number of students 1
Eligibility Students enrolled in an undergraduate program or graduate program
Period of study August 2017 - May 2018
Location Mezzanine Floor, Quezon Hall, Diliman, Quezon City 1101, the Philippines
University profile The University of the Philippines (UP) is the national university of the Philippines. It takes pride in being the pioneer and leader in higher education in the country through academic excellence, outstanding research, and public service. UP produces scientific and creative outputs of the highest quality-- receiving both national and international recognition.
UP was established in 1908 and presently has eight constituent units: UP Diliman, UP Manila, UP Los Baños, UP Visayas, UP Mindanao, UP Open UNiversity, UP Baguio and UP Cebu. UP Diliman is the biggest and most comprehensive unit, excelling in various fields. UP Manila is the country's center of excellence in the health sciences; UP Los Baños is a distinguished center of academic excellence in agriculture, forestry and related sciences in Asia; UP Visayas is noted for its program in fisheries; UP Baguio is noted for its specialization in the arts and humanities. UP Open University provides opportunities beyond the boundaries of a conventional university (i.e. through distance learning): and the UP Cebu college promotes excellent courses in the Central Visayas. Courses are generally taught in English.
Undergraduate programs open to exchange students Generally all degree programs are open to exchange students except for the colleges listed in the " programs Not open to exchange students" below.

1. UP Diliman
2. UP Manila
3. UP Los Baños
4. UP Visayas
5. UP Mindanao
6. UP Open University
7. UP Baguio
8. UP Cebu
Undergraduate programs NOT open to exchange students College of Law, College of Medicine, College of Nursing and College of Dentistry
Graduate programs open to exchange students Same as underguraduate programs.
Graduate programs NOT open to exchange students Same as underguraduate programs.
Minimum GPA (UG) 3.0
Minimum GPA (G) Same as above.
Minimum language proficiency  (UG) TOEFL iBT 70
Minimum language proficiency (G) Same as above.
Academic calendar 2016 FALL SEMESTER:
  Classes begin: Early September, 2016
  Exams end: Mid December, 2016

  Classes begin: Early January, 2017
  Exams end: Late May, 2017
Important university website for exchange students
Scholarship information ------
Dormitory information UP may provide accommodation, however is on first come first served basis.