École normale supérieure (ENS) / ENS(高等師範学校)


Number of students 1
Eligibility Third- or fourth-year undergraduate students, or graduate students
Period of study September 2017 - June 2018
Location 45, rue d'Ulm F-75230 Paris cedex 05, France
University profile The École Normale Supérieure has a prestigious past. Today, it continues to be recognized as one of the world's leading higher education institutions through its considerable contribution to scientific excellence. As a center of pioneering, cross-disciplinary research that provides training oriented towards innovation and creativity, it is resolutely turned towards the future. Located in the heart of Paris, the ENS has partnerships with the majority of the world's academic institutions and is renowned for its many cutting-edge research laboratories. For you, undergraduate and graduate students looking for a place to accomplish your training, we hope that you will discover here the unique opportunities that await you at the ENS.
Undergraduate programs open to exchange students
Humanities and Social Sciences: Philosophy, Literature, History of Art, Classical Studies (Latin/Greek/ Archaeology), General Linguistics, History, Geography, Law, Economics, Sociology, Anthropology, History and Philosophy of Sciences, Cognitive Sciences, and Cinematographic Studies
Sciences: Mathematics, Biology, Computer Science, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth Sciences
Undergraduate programs NOT open to exchange students ------
Graduate programs open to exchange students The same fields as described above for undergraduate programs
Graduate programs NOT open to exchange students ------
Minimum GPA (UG)
None, but students must show strong academic commitment and performance.
Minimum GPA (G) Same as above.
Minimum language proficiency  (UG) Sufficient command of French to be able to follow lectures without difficulty.
Minimum language proficiency (G) Same as above.
Academic calendar
  Mid-September, 2017 - Mid-February, 2018
  Mid-February - Late June, 2018
Important university website for exchange students http://www.ens.fr
Scholarship information Foreign students receive an admission grant which covers the costs of accomodation.
Dormitory information All students from Keio University are housed on our campus.