Bryn Mawr College / ブリンマー大学


Bryn_Mawr Bryn_Mawr
Number of students 2
Eligibility Only Third-year undergraduate students. Only female students are eligible.
Period of study August 2017 - May 2018
Location Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania 19010, U.S.A.
University profile
For many years, the Bryn Mawr College has welcomed students from overseas. In 2009, the College enrolled a class in which 21% of the students are nationals of countries other than the United States, hold dual citizenship, or are U.S. citizens living abroad. Some Reasons to Consider Bryn Mawr College:
• Bryn Mawr enjoys a proud legacy of success in women's higher education. The College is one of the prestigious "Seven Sisters," which were founded in the 1800's as "sister" schools to Ivy League Colleges.
• The percentage of women at Bryn Mawr pursuing Math and Science majors is almost 4 times the U.S. national average.
• The Wall Street Journal lists Bryn Mawr as one of the top ten feeder schools to top law, medical and business schools in the United States.
• The campus is located in a quiet suburban area outside of Philadelphia, and may be reached within 20 minutes via the regional rail system.
• Special relationships with Haverford and Swarthmore Colleges and the University of Pennsylvania create social as well as academic opportunities.
Undergraduate programs open to exchange students All Bryn Mawr College undergraduate programs are available to exchange students. Anthropology, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology, Classical Culture and Society, Classical Languages, Comparative Literature, Computer, Science, East Asian Studies, Economics, English, Fine Arts, French and Francophone Studies, Geology, German and German Studies, Greek, Growth and Structure of Cities, History, History of Art, Italian, Latin, Linguistics, Linguistics and Languages, Mathematics, Music, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Religion, Romance Languages, Russian, Sociology, and Spanish
Undergraduate programs NOT open to exchange students ------
Graduate programs open to exchange students N/A
Graduate programs NOT open to exchange students N/A
Minimum GPA (UG) 3.0 on 4-point scale
Minimum GPA (G) N/A
Minimum language proficiency  (UG) TOEFL iBT 100 or IELTS 7.5 to 9
Minimum language proficiency (G) N/A
Academic calendar
  Orientation date: Late August, 2017
  Classes begin: September 5, 2017
  Fall Exams End: December 22, 2017
  Classes begin: January 22, 2018
  Spring exams end: May 18, 2018
Important university website for exchange students
Scholarship information ------
Dormitory information Students are housed in the college dormitories with other undergraduates. Off-campus housing is not available. Students live in college dormitories with other undergraduates. This housing option might be a challenge for some students. Exchange students should be advised to consider the residential community housing carefully before they decide to come to Bryn Mawr. Also, Exchange students enroll in the College meal plan as part of the residential life experience. Students do not prepare their own meals in the dorms.
Other information Exchange students are required to enroll in a Balch Seminar in the fall. In addition, some students might be required to English 125 and or English 126, Workshop for Multilingual Writers.