Research Program | Graduate

This program is for graduate students who wish to conduct research under the supervision of an academic adviser at Keio University. Students must be enrolled in a graduate school (or equivalent) at their home institution. Student must receive approval from the graduate school for their admission to the program as research program students.

Moreover, Keio University only accepts exchange students at the graduate level when there are suitable academic advisors available for students' research plans. (The official term of identification for research program students at Keio is “Short-term International Student” at the graduate level.) As part of the application, research program applicants should find academic advisors on their own and specify the names of professors from whom they wish to receive research guidance. You can search for professors using the Keio Researchers Information System (KRIS).


While focusing on their research, they may also take graduate courses, but only if they are permitted to take courses by their academic advisors. They also need to obtaininstructors’ signatures to register for these courses. Please note that most courses offered by faculties and graduate schools are conducted in Japanese. Generally, studentswho test into the advanced or higher study level on the Japanese Language Programplacement test may take faculty and graduate school courses conducted in Japanese.Advanced level means a student has both an advanced vocabulary (8,000 words) and advanced knowledge of kanji (1,500 characters) and is able, in Japanese, to audit university lectures, read text/reference books, write papers with advanced sentence structures, and take examinations.

Course Descriptions & Timetable for Undergraduate Faculties and Graduate Schools(Available only in Japanese):

<Japanese Language Courses>

Research program students may take up to 4 Japanese Language Courses offered by the Japanese Language Program.  For further details, please refer to .


<International Center Courses>

Research program students (excluding Law School students) may also choose International Center Courses. However, please note that most International Center Courses are at the undergraduate level.


Course Descriptions & Timetables


Note: Students who choose this program are not allowed to change programs.