Applicaton Guide for Keio Exchange Program

Updated: July 15, 2016


To qualify as an exchange student at Keio University, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be enrolled at one of Keio University's partner institutions
  • Have student status at your home institution throughout your period of study at Keio University
  • Be formally nominated as an exchange student by your home institution

Application Deadline

The application must arrive at Keio University NO LATER than the deadlines below.
  2017 Sprign Admission : October 5, 2016
  2017 Fall Admission : March 30, 2017 (For future reference)  

Important Note

  • Incomplete applications will not be processed.
  • Applications sent directly by students will not be accepted.
  • Your application will be reviewed by the selection committe of each program.
  • Acceptance to Keio is confirmed once your home instisution's exchange office receives your acceptance letter. We recommend that you do not purchase an airline ticket prior to receiving your official lette of acceptance.
  • Extending your study period is not permitted in principle. Please plan and choose your study period very carefully when you apply.
  • No credits or certificate will be given if you are not enrolled until the end of the course and miss the exams. No exceptions will be made for those who wish to leave early due to academic schedule conflicts or graduation from your home institution. Please check our “Academic Calendar” and “Important Dates”, and consult with your home institution well in advance.

Application Instructions for incoming exchange

1. Ensure you meet Keio’s eligibility

2. Review programs and course descriptions
It is very important that you choose the program that best suits you. Read this information carefully before you make your decision.
Click here for programs for exchange students.

3. Complete the online registration
Online registration period for 2017 Spring admission: July 15 to October 5, 2016.
Click here for online registration.

4. Submit your application documents to your home exchange office. Have your home exchange office forward all required documents to Keio by the deadline.
Click here for the application documents for KIP students
Click here for the application documents for JLP students
Click here for the application documents for Research Program students

5. Submit your visa document (Application for Certificate of Eligibility) in Excel format to us by e-mail at
Please be sure to name the excel file AND title the e-mail as below:
 *Not required for Japanese nationals. If you are a dual citizen of Japan and another country, use your Japanese passport to enter Japan as a Japanese citizen.
Sample [SAMPLECOE] Application for Certificate of Eligibility [COE_application_2017S]

Important dates for applying to Keio on exchange

*Please click here for the latest exchange program schedule.

Japanese Language Requirement

There is no Japanese proficiency required to apply to be an exchange students at Keio University.

Financial Requirement

Be sure you can financially support yourself during the period of study at Keio. The average cost of living expense is at least JPY 130,000/month if you live in university-subsidized student housing. Finding a scholarship when you are in Japan is very difficult. Plan your financial support before arriving.


Scholarships such as JASSO are available but are not guaranteed for all the exchange students since the number of recipients is limited.

JASSO Scholarship
If you wish to apply for the JASSO scholarship, please download  “JASSO scholarship application form" from the website below and submit it together with the student exchange application by the specified deadline.

Clice here for Application guide for JASSO scholarship

Japanese Nationals

Japanese nationals, including those with dual nationalities must enter Japan as a Japanese national with a Japanese passport. If you do not have a Japanese passport, apply at a nearby Japanese embassy or consulate nearby. Do not enter Japan with a foreign passport.

Spouse or child of a Japanese Nationals

If you are a spouse or child of a Japanese National, you have the choice of either applying for a Student visa or applying for a Spouse or Child of Japanese National visa. A Certificate of Eligibility is not required to apply for a Spouse or Child of Japanese National visa. Regarding the application procedure, consult with the Japanese embassy or consulate in your country directly. Although the application procedure for a Spouse or Child of Japanese National visa is simpler than obtaining a Student visa, persons entering Japan with this visa should be aware that they must surrender various advantages provided to international students.


Please inform us of your name and your home university when inquiring.

Office of Student Services (International Exchange Services Group)

Tel: +81-(0)3-5427-1798 Fax: +81-(0)3-5427-1638