Keio University
CEMS MIM Programme(For Keio Students

To participate in the CEMS MIM Programme as a Keio University student, you must be enrolled in a Masters course in the Graduate School of Economics, Graduate School Business and Commerce, or the Graduate School of Media Design.

In addition to the requirements of the Masters programme in which you are enrolled in at Keio, there are three key components of the CEMS programme: Term 1 (the equivalent of Keio's fall semester), Term 2 (the equivalent of Keio's spring semester), and an internship of at least 10 weeks. At least two of these components must be taken outside Japan.

If Term 1 and Term 2 are taken outside Japan, students take CEMS courses at one of the CEMS schools for Term 1 and at another CEMS school for Term 2.

If one of the terms is taken at a CEMS school other than Keio and the internship is taken outside Japan, students can take the remaining CEMS’ term at Keio University. For non-Japanese students studying at Keio, there are some special rules governing the internship.

After completing this one-year curriculum for CEMS study as well as the required curriculum set by the graduate school in which you are enrolled, you will receive a CEMS MIM degree and a Master’s degree from Keio University.

While you are studying abroad at CEMS schools outside of Japan, you must complete the curriculum as described below. For more information about the curriculum, click

Block Seminar Term 1 [Aug.-Jan.] Term 2 [Feb.-Jul.] International Internship
3 ECTS 30 ECTS 1 ECTS 15 ECTS 15 ECTS Minimum 10 Weeks
Global Strategy Course and other CEMS courses Responsible Global Leadership Seminar  Global Management Practice and other CEMS courses Business Project At any time during the CEMS curriculum (but not when CEMS courses are in session)
       Business Communication Skill Seminars (1 ECTS)                 Skill Seminars (1 ECTS)  
ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) is a standardized measure of the university students’ study attainment and performance used mainly in European countries.

For information about how to apply for the programme, click Applying for CEMS MIM (For Keio Students).