Tutorial Services for Graduate Students and JLP Students

Last Update: September 3, 2019

Tutorial services are available for international graduate students* and JLP students upon permission of his/her academic advisor. Tutors are assigned to aid students in their specific field of study.  

1. Eligibility
These services are available for international students* who are: 1) enrolled in degree programs in the Keio Graduate Schools, 2) studying as Short-term International Students or Japanese Language Program under MEXT Scholarship, 3)  and enrolled in Japanese Language Program as full time students.

*A Status of Residence of "Student" is required.
*Exchange students are not eligible to apply for this services.

2. Field of Guidance
International students can seek guidance within their field of study.

Tutors are Keio graduate students who are nominated by academic advisors.

Information for 2019 Fall Semester  Tutorial Services

If you would like to receive Tutorial Services, please hand the following document to your academic advisor and seek guidance about these services.

Application Deadline: October 1, 2019

For further information, please contact International Exchange Services Group, Office of Student Services: ic-tutor[@]adst.keio.ac.jp