International Center e-Bulletin Board

Updated: April 13, 2020


Course Registration

Course Registration Period
April 16 (Thu), 12:30pm  to indefinite date (the deadline will be announced as soon as decided)
*Studnets can add/change/delete course registration during the course registration period.  However, lecturers in charge of respective courses may contact you before the classes start, therefore students are highly recommennded to register fo courses before April 21 (Tue). 

- Register all the courses you wish to take in the Spring Semester during this period (including Second-Half-Semester courses).
- Submit your registration via the Academic Affairs Web System. 
- Log into and click on the "Academic Affairs Web System" button.

Student Commuter Pass for Commutes to Other Campuses

Students can purchase a student commuter pass to travel to a campus they are not affiliated to in order to take courses.
For the details, please refer tothe following link.

Class Cancellation and Makeup Classes

To view class cancellations and makeup classes, Log into and click on the "Academic Affairs Web System" button.