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Doctoral Students Conference

Yusuke Takagi

Dear Colleagues,

It is a great pleasure to invite you to Keio University as the chair of the organizing committee for the 8th APRU DSC. Some of my colleagues and I attended the 7th APRU DSC held at the National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2006. Doctoral students from all over the world came together from various academic fields, and it was a great opportunity to exchange ideas.

Now, we accelerate our efforts towards an even greater success of the 8th APRU DSC, with the help of the International Center of Keio University. Hopefully, all of you will not only enjoy, but also discover and extract something new through joining this valuable conference. Thank you.

  Yusuke Takagi
Chair of the Organizing Committee for the 8th APRU DSC
PhD Student (Political Science)

Stephen Robert Nagy

My name is Stephen Nagy, a PhD candidate at Waseda University here in Japan studying mesa-govermental responses to globalization. Originally from Canada, studying in Japan and participating in the APRU DSC has provided me with the opportunity to meet with other young scholars from around
the world, exchanging ideas, sharing information and making lasting friendships.
Last year I participated in the Singapore DSC conference which allowed me to present my research to a world class of young scholars from around the world. It also introduced me to the potential of active and fruitful intellectual and personal exchanges with people from the same as well as different specialties.
As part of the organizing team for the 8th Annual APRU DSC, I hope that you will take this opportunity to meet with young scholars from around the world and begin the process of building your academic career and contributing to the emerging Asia Pacific by building alliances, through collaboration and networking.

Stephen Robert Nagy


My name is Mohammed Serror, a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Tokyo studying civil engineering. I am originally from Egypt.
Hereby, I would like to welcome you to the 8th APRU DSC at Keio University, Japan. I have participated in the 6th as well as the 7th APRU DSC, and I am greatly grateful for the close interaction/communication with outstanding doctoral students from different disciplines across the Pacific Rim. Since then, I have recognized the importance of the Doctoral Student Network (DSN) and the feedback that is retrieved from its annual Doctoral Student Conference (DSC). It is the emerging future of the Pacific Rim. The organizing committee at Keio University is doing much effort to make the 8th APRU DSC a great success from all aspects. I hope to see you all here in Japan.

Mohammed Serror


Kristian Kurki

A native of Finland and a graduate in Japanese Studies from the University of Stirling, UK, I am currently a master's degree student at Keio University Graduate School of Law, pursuing research in post-Cold War Japanese foreign policy to China.

International relations are not so much a topic of research to me as they are part of my everyday life, and this is no doubt the case for a great many of you, too. The 8th APRU Doctoral Conference will be organized to let us share in our cultural richness and to serve as a platform of encouragement not only for academic progress but for the fabric that produces it, the people behind it all.

Kristian Kurki



Hi, everyone!! Welcome to the 8th APRU DSC! I am a first-year student in the master's course studying sociology here at Keio University. It is a great pleasure to organize such an exciting international conference. I'm looking forward to talking to you all !!!

Akiko Okuda



I'm a second-year master's degree student at Keio University.
As a member of the Keio Organizing Committee, I'm a member of the team in charge of the social programme. Weíre planning a lot of exciting tours. You can count on us! Iím really looking forward to seeing you all.

Shuko Oshiba





Miho Nosaka


Hello, everyone! My name is Mizuki Chuman.
Iím a masterís degree student at Keio University.
I research contemporary Russian politics, especially Russian federalism.

Iím very happy to take part in such a special conference as a member of the Organizing Committee. I believe that this conference will be meaningful for us and finish successfully.

Letís enjoy such a special opportunity!! See you soon!!

Mizuki Cuman


Sho Yuki

I believe this conference will be inspirational: giving us better insights into other cultures and disciplines, the experience will be an invaluable asset to our future research.

Sho Yuki


Yusuke Oguri

Hi. My name is Yusuke Oguri, a 1st-year student in the masterís program with a specialty in European Studies. I'm very happy to participate in the conference as a member of the Organizing Committee. This is the first time for me to take part in the DSC, and I am really looking forward to seeing many doctoral students and researchers from abroad. I hope everyone will enjoy sharing each otherís research. See you soon here at Keio!!

Yusuke Oguri


Hideo Fukuishi

Hi, everybody. I am Hideo Fukuishi, a second-year Masters student in the Faculty of Business and Commerce at Keio University. My research interest is in the analysis of the characteristics and structure of Asian economy. I am also interested in many other fields of study such as law, technology, and engineering. This is the first time for me to join the APRU event, and I believe this conference will be a meaningful, rewarding experience. I am looking forward to meeting many students and having a great time.

Hideo Fukuishi


Fabio Aschero

I am Fabio, a Ph. D candidate at the Graduate School of Business and Commerce. I am originally from Italy, and I am focusing on a socio-economic comparative analysis between my country and Japan. I took part to the 2003 APRU Doctoral Students Conference in Mexico; in that occasion I met several students from different countries and various educational backgrounds, thus I know how important and stimulating this kind of experience is. In joining the organizing committee this year I strive to help making the DSC in Tokyo an exciting and successful event.

Fabio Aschero



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