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Updated: 2021/3/8






Founded in 1388, the University of Cologne is the second oldest German university. As of now, the university holds 6 faculties and 47 graduate school programs.
Due to its outstanding scientific achievements and the high quality and diversity of its degree programs, it enjoys an excellent international reputation.

The Eduventure Virtual Mobility (ViM) offers of the University of Cologne (UoC) are adressing students from our numerous worldwide partner universities and invite them to experience a UoC classroom without leaving their own campus. 
Applying for Eduventure ViM offers will enable you to be enrolled for one specific course and grant you full access to this course. You would participate like any other student and share an intercultural learning environment.

This program will be held during the Spring Semester of the 2021 academic year at Keio University. It is the responsibility of each student to confirm that there will be no interference with classes and research supervision taken at Keio University when participating in the program. No support such as special measures will be provided by the International Center regarding any absences from class by Keio students during the participation period for the program (there will be no officially authorized absences for this program).


※ The tuition will be waived for up to 5 students. For the details, please refer to 「The number of places」 below

プログラムの概要/Program Overview

日程/ Program Duration:4月12日(月)~7月19日(月)/ April 12 (Mon)-July 19 (Mon)
参加形態/Program Format:オンライン/ Online





Applying for Eduventure ViM offers will enable you to be enrolled for one specific course and grant you full access to this course.

it will not be possible to transfer credits to Keio University even if you complete the course offered through this program, .

The details (Including the list of courses offered) are available from >>here

募集対象/ Eligibility

(1)正規生として本学に在籍している学部生(但し、通信教育部をのぞく)。/ Undergraduate students enrolled at Keio University as full-time degree students (excluding correspondence course students)

(2)プログラム参加期間中も本学に在籍していること。/ Students currently enrolled and remain enrolled at Keio University until the end of the program. 

(3)英語レベル:IELTS 5.5/TOEFL iBT 72のいずれか以上のスコアを保持していること。/Must hold  enough English prificiency (A total score of 72 for TOEFL iBT or above,  or 5.5  for IELTS or above is required.)

(4)プログラムの全日程に参加できること。/ Must be able to participate in all the instructions during the program

募集人数/ The number of places



The tuition fees will be waived for up to 5 students. If there are more than 5 applicants, there will be internal screenig at Keio University.The final decision regarding acceptance to the program will be made by the Unviersity of Cologne.

申し込みについて/ How to apply

(1)本学におけるオンライン登録(3月15日(月)午前9時まで)/Online Registration (Deadline:  9AM, March 15 (Mon))

※オンライン登録上にて以下の提出が必要となります。オンライン登録途中での保存は出来ませんので下記、事前の書類準備を推奨します。/The following documents will be required for online registration. As you may not save during the online registration, it is highly recommended that you prepare the documents in advance.

1. 学業成績表/Official AcademicTranscript
最新の学業成績表を提出して下さい。/You need to submit the latest/official Transcript.

2. 英語能力証明書/Proof of language proficiency
上記「募集対象」より必要な語学力を確認した上で、規定を満たす英語能力証明書を提出して下さい。/You need to submit the proof of language proficiency that meets the requirement indicated under "Eligibility" above.


(2)ケルン大学への出願/ Applying to University of Cologne

プログラム参加合格の連絡(3月18日(木)頃を予定)を本学から受けた後、ケルン大学より出願方法について直接連絡が入ります。先方の指示に従い出願を完了させて下さい。ケルン大学に直接出願後の合格をもって、プログラム参加が可能となります。/ We will notify of the internal screenig result around March 18 (Thur). Once you sucessfuly pass the internal screening, The university of Cologne will directly contact you with necessary procedures for the application. Please note that the participation in the program will be confirmed by receiving the acceptance notice from the University of Cologne.

受け入れ可否について/ Final Screening Result by University of Cologne

ケルン大学への出願後、現地大学より直接プログラムへの受け入れ可否の連絡入りますので、受信メールボックスをこまめに確認するようにしてください。/ Once you complete the application to University of Cologne, the final screening result will be given to applicants directly. Therefore, you need to check your e-mails regulary.


やむをえず参加を辞退する場合は、ただちに協定校短期プログラム担当 (学生部国際交流支援グループ@三田キャンパス)に申し出てください。/ If you need to cancel the program after being permitted due to unavoidable reasons, you need to contact our office below immediately.



Office of Student Services, International Exchange Services Group (Mita Campus), The University of Cologne- Eduventure Virtual Mobility (ViM)Section

TEL : 03-5427-1612 / E-MAIL : ic-partner-program@adst.keio.ac.jp