National Chengchi University / 国立政治大学


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Number of students 2
Eligibility Students enrolled in an undergraduate program or graduate program. Students of Chinese nationality are not eligible to apply.
Period of study September 2017 - June 2018
Location No. 64, Sec. 2 Zhinan Rd., Wenshan, Taipei 11605, Taiwan
University profile Established in 1927, National Chengchi University (NCCU) is noted for its humanities and social sciences disciplines. It currently houses 9 colleges, including liberal arts, science, social sciences, law, commerce, foreign languages & literature, communication, international affairs and education; 33 departments; 2 BA modules (Undergraduate Program in European Languages and College of Communication Undergraduate Degree Program); and 48 graduate institutes (including master's module), with 32 graduate institutes offering PhD programs, 16 on-the-job master's programs, and 5 English-taught degree programs (International Master's Program in Asia-Pacific Studies, International MBA, and more).
Undergraduate programs open to exchange students Students can choose one of the course modules for their exchange studies at NCCU:
1. Full-Time Mandarin Class ONLY
2. Academic classes ONLY
3. Academic classes + Part-Time Mandarin Class
4. Full-Time Mandarin Class ONLY (1semester/term) + Academic Classes ONLY (1semester/term)
--Course Search Engine:
--OIC English-taught Courses Exclusively for Exchange Students:
--University-wide English-taught Courses:
Fall 2015:
Spring 2016:
Undergraduate programs NOT open to exchange students N/A
Graduate programs open to exchange students All except below.
Graduate programs NOT open to exchange students IMBA (International Master Program in Business Administration) course code 933
Minimum GPA (UG) 2.5 on a 4-point scale
Minimum GPA (G) Same as above.
Minimum language proficiency  (UG) Students who wish to take courses in Chinese: TOCFL Superior, B2 Level (CEFR), HSK Level 4 (new)
Students who wish to take courses in English: TOEFL iBT 79 or IELTS 6.0
Students who wish to take Chinese language courses: At least A2 Level (CEFR)
Minimum language proficiency (G) Same as above.
Academic calendar 2016 FALL SEMESTER:
  Classes begin: Mid-September, 2016
  Classes end: Late January, 2017

  Classes begin: Mid-February, 2016
 Classes end: Late June, 2016
Important university website for exchange students (click Exchange Students)
Scholarship information We offer the Mandarin Class Tuition Waiver for exchange students who want to study Mandarin classes at our Chinese Language Center.
>> Full-time (15hrs) Mandarin students:
First-term tuition waiver is guaranteed, but waiver for the following terms will be decided on student’s previous performance.
>>Part-time (6hrs) Mandarin students:
First pay the tuition of NT$10,100 and after the class ends, OIC committee will review the final grade and attendance to decide the tuition reimbursement.
Dormitory information On-campus Dormitory: