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Number of students 2
Eligibility Students enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program
Period of study August 2017 - May 2018
Location 910 South Fifth Street, Champaign, Illinois 61820, U.S.A.
University profile University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) is a world leader in research, 
teaching and public engagement. UIUC challenges students to think intellectually, 
to develop into highly educated individuals and become lifelong learners.
You'll learn from world-renowned professors alongside intelligent peers
who share your passions. In fact, according to the US News & World Report, 
America's Best Colleges 2014, UIUC was ranked the 11th best public university in the United States.
The University of Illinois has over 31,000 undergraduate and 10,000 graduate and professional students come from all 50 states and over 118 countries.
Undergraduate programs open to exchange students
Undergraduate programs NOT open to exchange students The following programs/departments/schools/colleges and their courses are 
NOT open to exchange students.
Department of Advertising, Division of Broadcast Journalism (JOUR courses),
College of Business (ACCY, BADM, and FIN courses), Department of Bioengineering
(College of Engineering), Department of Mechanical Science Engineering
(College of Engineering), Division of General Studies, Graduate College,
School of Labor and Employment Relations (LER courses), College of Law (LAW courses), 
Graduate School of Library and Information Sciences (LIS courses),
College of Medicine, Technology and Information Management Program (TGMT
courses), College of Veterinary Medicine e following departments/colleges
experience high enrollment demand.
Consequently, you will need to have maximum flexibility in course 
choices from these departments. Architecture (College of Fine & Applied Arts), 
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (College of Liberal Arts & Sciences), 
Chemistry (College of Liberal Arts & Sciences), Economics (College of Liberal Arts &
Sciences, VERY limited enrollment), College of Education, Electrical and Computer
Engineering (College of Engineering), Kinesiology (College of Applied Health Sciences, 
VERY limited enrollment), Landscape Architecture (College of Fine & Applied Arts), 
Political Science (College of Liberal Arts & Sciences), Sociology (College of Liberal Arts & Sciences)
Graduate programs open to exchange students
Graduate programs NOT open to exchange students Same as undergraduate programs.
Minimum GPA (UG) 3.0 on a 4-point scale
Minimum GPA (G) Same as above.
Minimum language proficiency  (UG) TOEFL iBT 80 or IELTS 6.5 with 6.0 on each component
(The College of Engineering and the College of Media: TOEFL iBT 100 or IELTS 7.5
with 7.0 on each component)
Students must take the English Placement Test upon arrival on campus.
The test will determine whether you need to take a sequence of English as a
Second Language (ESL) courses.
Minimum language proficiency (G) Requirements may vary depending on the Graduate School:
Academic calendar 2017 FALL SEMESTER:
 Classes begin: August, 2017
 Exams end: December, 2017

 Classes begin: Mid-January, 2017
 Exams end: Mid-May, 2017
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